Saturday, 17 June 2017

Jouer Skinny Dip Ultra Foil Shimmer Shadows Palette Review

Jouer Skinny Dip Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

The sun has finally got his hat on in the UK - it's freakin' roasting outside. Definitely time for a fun summer palette. I'm completely sorted for the summer lip-wise with Dior's beautiful Lip Tattoo, but I was in need in the market for some summer sparkle.

Enter Jouer's Skinny Dip palette. I've had a bit of a mixed bag with Jouer in the past - the lip topper formula is beautiful, but I'm not a Lip Creme fan on the whole. This, however, was just too tempting. Warm, super-sparkly, and Temptalia loves it? Sold!

Jouer Skinny Dip Palette Review and Swatches

First off, the obvious stuff. It's a relatively sturdy cardboard palette, but it's not going to withstand major travelling tumbles, so play nice with this one. The pan sizes are pretty large, so really easy to get a brush in to - particularly a flat packing brush, which is probably the most ideal brush for shadows of this ilk. If you're familiar with Makeup Geek Foiled Shadows, the texture and finish is very similar - majorly high-shine, ultra-pigmented, and very creamy.

Jouer Skinny Dip Palette Review and Swatches

I find the shadows to be (on the whole) very easy to apply and blend. With a damp brush, the super-foiled effect is amped up a notch further - but application with a finger is more than enough for a beautiful, easy, high-shine finish. They generally blend very well, and make a gorgeous accent to a smoky eye, or just blended out across the lid. I get about 8 hours' wear with these, prolonged by using a good glitter adhesive type base.

The swatches below are one-swipe swatches. Hello there. Aren't they beautiful?! My only gripe shade in this palette is Bikini - it applied much better than it swatched, but even then I found it to be relatively chunky, with some fallout over time, and firmly pressed in the pan.

Jouer Skinny Dip Palette Review and Swatches

Ok, so you're going to need some decent matte shadows to pair with this lad, but for a cohesive, super-shimmery palette, look no further.

Have you tried these out?

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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Dior Addict Lip Tattoo in Natural Coral Review

Dior Lip Tattoo Review

Dior are knocking it out of the park this summer. Their newest mascara offering has a lot of promise (review on the way) and their latest lip product is a delight. Dior Addict Lip Tattoo is a long wear lip tint - absolutely perfect for summertime.

Dior Addict Lip Tattoo in Natural CoralThe formula is a thin, water-like texture, and smells delicious - mildly minty, sweet, and reminiscent of mint humbugs (in a good way, promise). It lends the lips a sheer, but definitely there, wash of colour. The shade Natural Coral gives a beautiful, flattering, demi-matte coral tint to the lips which really does hang around - I get a solid 5 hours before fading, and even then the fade is even and low-effort to deal with. The formula is easy to layer, too - basically, it's a low-effort dream.

Swipe this on, pair with some mega mascara and juicy blush and you're summer ready. I've really been enjoying the formula - I don't find it drying at all. If you like Lancome's Matte Shakers, you'll love these.

Dior Lip Tattoo Natural Coral SwatchDior Lip Tattoo Natural Coral

Have you tried these yet?

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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

The Ordinary have established themselves speedily in the skincare market as an amazingly affordable, super effective brand. I've posted previously about the products I've picked up and loved so far - and this is the latest in my skincare arsenal - The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution. 

For more in-depth chat on acid toning, may I refer you to the goddess of skincare - Caroline Hirons. The woman knows her acids, and can point you in the direction of the ones most suitable for your skin.

If you're a Pixi Glow Tonic fan (as I am), or you love a glycolic toner but the punchy fragrance of Glow Tonic is a bit too much for you - this is worth adding to basket. The toner contains Tasmanian Pepperberry - a commonly used ingredient for this brand when using high concentrations of glycolic acid. This is intended to decrease irritation that may be associated with acid use. This glycolic toner packs a proper punch - make sure you've got a good SPF to use in conjunction with it - but the results are excellent. I'm hooked. I'm currently using this three times a week at night and it's doing wonders for my congested skin.

240ml of this bad boy will set you back a mere £6.80 - putting it in the seriously cheap, seriously effective category (my favourite one when it comes to skincare). Definitely worth a shot.

Have you tried anything from The Ordinary? What are your favourites?

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Monday, 22 May 2017

L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara Review

L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara Review and Swatches

I've had great success in recent months with L'Oreal products. True Match Foundation is a firm favourite of mine (you can read my thoughts on the formula in this post) and I love the Glam Bronze Cushion for easy on-the-go bronzing. Their latest mascara offering, L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara, has a lot to live up to.

There's not a lot of blurb out there on this mascara, but what I have gleaned is that Miss Baby Roll is supposedly a curling, volumising, mega-hold formula (along the lines of Benefit's Roller Lash). It comes in all sorts of daring colours - you can see them all on L'Oreal's website - but I've gone for plain ol' black. The brush is a plasticky, short-bristled, swirly affair - don't stab yourself in the eye with this bad boy, it will hurt. 

Stabbing aside - this is a nice mascara. Very volumising - beware spider-lashes if you over-apply - but one coat and you're good to go. I do find this holds a curl really nicely, for about 8 hours or so, but I still need to pre-curl my super-straight lashes. This mascara does set to quite a firm hold, and I was sort of aware of it on my lashes - be aware of this if you don't like a loaded lash. If, however, you want some pretty major volume - Miss Baby Roll is definitely worth a go.

L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll mascara

It's relatively inexpensive, and I don't find any smudging whatsoever with this formula - a joy for those among us with hooded or ageing eyelids. Overall - L'Oreal strikes again.

What's your favourite drugstore mascara?

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