Monday, 23 July 2018

Jo Loves Pomelo Fragrance

Jo Loves Pomelo Fragrance review
I am ridiculously fussy when it comes to fragrance. Ultimately, I want to smell nice without really smelling particularly strongly, you know? The thought of being the cause of someone's migraine (or the cause of my own migraine, come to think of it) is not one that fills me with much joy. As a result, I'm a die-hard Molecule 01 fan, and very little else.

However, Jo Loves Pomelo is a revelation. Citrusy, fresh, boardroom-appropes and definitely not knock your socks off. You won't kill anyone in a lift with this scent, but you will catch people surreptitiously sniffing in your direction (this has happened more than once in the last three weeks!). It has good last, however, and I don't need to reapply through the day. I really do get sunny, grapefruity vibes from the first spritz. It's peppery, fizzy, citrusy and not at all cloying or sweet. There's something gin-and-tonic-y to my nose in the dry down that's really appealing, particularly in hot weather.

You can find this beauty at Space NK. I highly, highly recommend.

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Jo Loves Pomelo Fragrance


  1. I had a spray of this when I was in Sephora in New York and LOVED it! I need to buy! xx

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  2. Oh yes I too love Pomelo by Jo Loves addicted is probably a more apt description! You ABSOLUTELY have to give Jo Loves by Jo (Red Bottle) a go... Also very citrusy but equally addictive!!

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