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Disciple Skincare : Balancing Mist, Good Skin, Dreamy Skin Review

Disciple Skincare Review

Disciple is a brand I stumbled upon on Cult Beauty during a particularly spendy peruse a month or so ago.  It is the creation of Charlotte Ferguson, a London-based psychotherapist, with the aim of providing a holistic (and scientific) approach to skincare for stressed, unbalanced, hormonal/acne prone complexions. Oh, and the price point isn't terrifying, either.


The range is all made in small batches in the U.K., and a pleasingly limited range it is, too. Just a few lovely oils and a delicious mist. The ingredients lists are also reassuringly easy to navigate. Nothing too stressful there.

As a scientist in the first instance, I find exuberant, effusive, ultimately meaningless skincare blurb a bit of a chore - give me a peer reviewed paper any day. Much to my delight, the Disciple range seems to be largely evidence based and sensible. Nobody's claiming to free you of your anxiety/depression/cure the common cold here, but there can be nothing wrong with a valiant attempt at alleviating stress into the bargain of soothing your skin.

Disciple Balancing Mist Review

The Disciple Balancing Mist is a delight (as long as you're keen on geraniums). It is, essentially, a post-cleanse pre-moisturiser extra step, but in the recent hot weather I've been using this non-stop. It is formulated with geranium water (from the essential oil distilling process, I am told) and copper peptides, which aim to improve collagen and elastin production. I find the scent very soothing, and it is very lightweight and quickly absorbed. Yes, ultimately an extra step, but a very pleasant one, and very handy to keep close by in the summer months.

Disciple Skincare Good Skin and Dreamy Skin review

The stars of the show for me, though, are the two facial oils; Good Skin for day, Dreamy Skin for night. Good Skin is designed to soothe and help to balance tricky, breakout prone complexions and is formulated with prebiotics to look after the surface flora; turmeric oil, geranium oil and cucumber seed oil. I've been using this as a final step on no makeup days. I'd say it's a mid-weight oil and imagine it'd need to absorb fully before makeup application. It smells botanical and is easy to mix with moisturiser (which is what I usually do). I have to say, I am not usually a fan of facial oils for daytime due to my greaseball face, but this one does seem to help rather than hinder the situation.

Disciple's Dreamy Skin Retinyl Oil  is my absolute favourite. Again, botanical to the nose, and a really luxurious feeling when applied. It is a combination of prebiotics, retinyl (as the Vitamin A component) and rosehip seed oil, famed for its high essential fatty acid content. If you aren't great with essential oils, this is not the product for you, but I find my skin is definitely a little softer and brighter come morning.

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Monday, 23 July 2018

Jo Loves Pomelo Fragrance

Jo Loves Pomelo Fragrance review
I am ridiculously fussy when it comes to fragrance. Ultimately, I want to smell nice without really smelling particularly strongly, you know? The thought of being the cause of someone's migraine (or the cause of my own migraine, come to think of it) is not one that fills me with much joy. As a result, I'm a die-hard Molecule 01 fan, and very little else.

However, Jo Loves Pomelo is a revelation. Citrusy, fresh, boardroom-appropes and definitely not knock your socks off. You won't kill anyone in a lift with this scent, but you will catch people surreptitiously sniffing in your direction (this has happened more than once in the last three weeks!). It has good last, however, and I don't need to reapply through the day. I really do get sunny, grapefruity vibes from the first spritz. It's peppery, fizzy, citrusy and not at all cloying or sweet. There's something gin-and-tonic-y to my nose in the dry down that's really appealing, particularly in hot weather.

You can find this beauty at Space NK. I highly, highly recommend.

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Jo Loves Pomelo Fragrance
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