Friday, 29 September 2017

Rouge Dior Double Rouge Lipstick in Miss Crush Review

Dior Rouge Dior Double Rouge Lipstick in Miss Crush

If there's one beauty product Dior have nailed, it is lipstick.

I'm yet to meet a Dior lip I didn't love. Their Lip Tattoo formula was a favourite of mine this summer (that scent alone is heavenly). I'm not going to lie to you though, the Rouge Dior Double Rouge Lipstick had me a bit on edge. Metallic? And matte? And ever so slightly two-toned? Needless to say, I was going to need a bit of convincing. I picked up the least frightening shade for me - Miss Crush, a mid-toned, warm pink with a cooler pearly reflect (and also picked up a super-vampy liquid lipstick - you can see that post here).

First off - let's get it over with - it is gorgeous in the tube. Silly, I know, but it really is beautiful. That first use took a bit of doing to spoil the perfect matte-metallic demarcation.

Swatched - minimally scary so far. The metallic element in this lipstick is ultra-fine, subtle, entirely wearable shimmer. I mean, it's definitely present, but it's nowhere near the realms of, say, Jouer's Skinny Dip. Office-appropriate. Promise.

Dior Rouge Dior Double Rouge Lipstick in Miss Crush

On the lips - stunning. No, really. Plumping without being obvious, delicately shimmery without being glittery, and surprisingly easy to apply. There's no crazy matte-metallic demarcation in practice, and the slightly richer colour to the outside and inner lip gives a little definition without being full on 90's. The lipstick is, as with all Dior lipsticks, a joy to apply and wear, with no tugging and no settling in my lip lines - yup, even that sparkle didn't get stuck. I get 4 hours of comfortable, non-drying wear before needing to re-apply.

Dior Rouge Dior Double Rouge Lipstick in Miss Crush

If the whole metallic-sparkle lip thing is a step too far, this is a beautiful, subtle alternative. I reckon the killer Dior red shade probably packs a bit more punch than this cheery pink, but I'll be sticking with Miss Crush!

Have you tried these lipsticks? What did you think?

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  1. Oh this is absolutely beautiful! I think I need to get to a Dior counter & have a swatch session! xx



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