Monday, 25 September 2017

Perfume: Evocative Scents

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I love fragrance. I'm fairly particular, but when the right one comes along - well, when you know, you know, right? My favourite thing about perfume is that bizarre and surreal ability that some scents have to transport you in your mind to a certain time or place.

Clive Christian fragrances are a true kryptonite for me. They are not cheap, granted, but they really are quite something - some woody, some floral, some fruity perfumes; all of them glorious. Their entire new Private Collection is based around the relationship between fragrance and memories, which in itself is an image I can associate with. This rings true with me - I have strong memories of a very lovely and special mooch in Harrods one London trip, resulting in my first test of a divine Clive Christian fragrance. Some heady and complex, some fruity and rich - I can highly recommend an equally delightful Harrods/Selfridges trip for yourself.  Even if only to sample, they are such a treat.

Kiehl's was a bit of a surprise for the in the fragrance department - their super-light, leafy Fig Leaf & Sage eau de toilette (I'm really struggling to find a link, I think it may be discontinued!) was a psychological escape and a favourite of mine while working in Madagascar. I mean, most things just sweated off in a second, let's be real, but for those brief moments, this little number was my jam. One spritz and I'm back in sub-Saharan sun.

YSL Black Opium Fragrance

Rich, coffee-laden delights are my other real weakness. They take me back to some absolutely excellent nights out at uni, when I was just getting on the whole fragrance train without a resulting headache from too many florals (or too many gins, for that matter). Don't be alarmed - this YSL beauty won't leave you smelling like a coffee shop. It is, to me, like distilled coffee, vanilla, almonds and freesias - and let's just talk about the sparkly bottle for a second. I've already babbled on about Black Opium on this previous post.

Fragrances can be a particularly tricky one to write about (Wikipedia are the ones for official fragrance jargon decoding, by the way, if you're a noob to this like I am). Brands, preferences and price points are as numerous as they are varied. The vast fragrance market is a testament to this - thousands upon thousands of little bottles of dreamy scents are sold weekly in the U.K. Think of these scents here as my bottles of memories - they are, for me, particulary evocative.

What's your current scent of choice?

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  1. I love Black Opium! I have yet to smell a Clive Christian perfume - sounds like I am missing out! xx


  2. I've also been wearing the 2 new opium fragrances, they are so so nice. I've also started wearing Armani Si Intense again with the change in seasons and before that, throughout summer, I wore YSL Mon Paris xx


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