Friday, 29 September 2017

Rouge Dior Double Rouge Lipstick in Miss Crush Review

Dior Rouge Dior Double Rouge Lipstick in Miss Crush

If there's one beauty product Dior have nailed, it is lipstick.

I'm yet to meet a Dior lip I didn't love. Their Lip Tattoo formula was a favourite of mine this summer (that scent alone is heavenly). I'm not going to lie to you though, the Rouge Dior Double Rouge Lipstick had me a bit on edge. Metallic? And matte? And ever so slightly two-toned? Needless to say, I was going to need a bit of convincing. I picked up the least frightening shade for me - Miss Crush, a mid-toned, warm pink with a cooler pearly reflect (and also picked up a super-vampy liquid lipstick - you can see that post here).

First off - let's get it over with - it is gorgeous in the tube. Silly, I know, but it really is beautiful. That first use took a bit of doing to spoil the perfect matte-metallic demarcation.

Swatched - minimally scary so far. The metallic element in this lipstick is ultra-fine, subtle, entirely wearable shimmer. I mean, it's definitely present, but it's nowhere near the realms of, say, Jouer's Skinny Dip. Office-appropriate. Promise.

Dior Rouge Dior Double Rouge Lipstick in Miss Crush

On the lips - stunning. No, really. Plumping without being obvious, delicately shimmery without being glittery, and surprisingly easy to apply. There's no crazy matte-metallic demarcation in practice, and the slightly richer colour to the outside and inner lip gives a little definition without being full on 90's. The lipstick is, as with all Dior lipsticks, a joy to apply and wear, with no tugging and no settling in my lip lines - yup, even that sparkle didn't get stuck. I get 4 hours of comfortable, non-drying wear before needing to re-apply.

Dior Rouge Dior Double Rouge Lipstick in Miss Crush

If the whole metallic-sparkle lip thing is a step too far, this is a beautiful, subtle alternative. I reckon the killer Dior red shade probably packs a bit more punch than this cheery pink, but I'll be sticking with Miss Crush!

Have you tried these lipsticks? What did you think?

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Monday, 25 September 2017

Perfume: Evocative Scents

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I love fragrance. I'm fairly particular, but when the right one comes along - well, when you know, you know, right? My favourite thing about perfume is that bizarre and surreal ability that some scents have to transport you in your mind to a certain time or place.

Clive Christian fragrances are a true kryptonite for me. They are not cheap, granted, but they really are quite something - some woody, some floral, some fruity perfumes; all of them glorious. Their entire new Private Collection is based around the relationship between fragrance and memories, which in itself is an image I can associate with. This rings true with me - I have strong memories of a very lovely and special mooch in Harrods one London trip, resulting in my first test of a divine Clive Christian fragrance. Some heady and complex, some fruity and rich - I can highly recommend an equally delightful Harrods/Selfridges trip for yourself.  Even if only to sample, they are such a treat.

Kiehl's was a bit of a surprise for the in the fragrance department - their super-light, leafy Fig Leaf & Sage eau de toilette (I'm really struggling to find a link, I think it may be discontinued!) was a psychological escape and a favourite of mine while working in Madagascar. I mean, most things just sweated off in a second, let's be real, but for those brief moments, this little number was my jam. One spritz and I'm back in sub-Saharan sun.

YSL Black Opium Fragrance

Rich, coffee-laden delights are my other real weakness. They take me back to some absolutely excellent nights out at uni, when I was just getting on the whole fragrance train without a resulting headache from too many florals (or too many gins, for that matter). Don't be alarmed - this YSL beauty won't leave you smelling like a coffee shop. It is, to me, like distilled coffee, vanilla, almonds and freesias - and let's just talk about the sparkly bottle for a second. I've already babbled on about Black Opium on this previous post.

Fragrances can be a particularly tricky one to write about (Wikipedia are the ones for official fragrance jargon decoding, by the way, if you're a noob to this like I am). Brands, preferences and price points are as numerous as they are varied. The vast fragrance market is a testament to this - thousands upon thousands of little bottles of dreamy scents are sold weekly in the U.K. Think of these scents here as my bottles of memories - they are, for me, particulary evocative.

What's your current scent of choice?

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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Guerlain Blurring Active Base Primer Review

My long term love affair with glorious Guerlain began with La Petite Robe Noire, and hasn't stopped since. The new KissKiss Matte lipsticks are absolutely wonderful, and their newest liquid lipstick offering is by far my favourite liquid lipstick I've ever used. The internet lost its collective marbles over the ultra-luxe L'Or Primer a while ago, and I can see the oilier-skinned among us having a similar reaction to this - the Blurring Active Base.

There's very little blurb about this on the internet so far. Ok, so it's not in the same sensational glass bottle nor sprinkled with suspended gold flecks like it's fancy big sister, but I'm a huge fan of the simple, easy to use (and store/travel with) squeezy tube.

This is billed as a mattifying, pore minimizing, blurring face primer. And guess what? It works. Really well.

I took a gross close-up shot of my ultra-dry hands. On the left there's no primer - and some pretty obvious texture. On the right, you can see the skin is visibly smoothed - thanks to this little beauty. This is a silicone-type primer, and does feel like a very light silicone layer initially on the skin, but if you aren't a fan of that feeling, this may be a skip for you. This really does the blurring thing beautifully - I can see this becoming a wedding makeup artist's favourite. It is moderately mattifying, but in a modern way, without making products look powdery or skin look dry.

The scent is light, floral, and immediately noticeable - but it will dissipate quickly and isn't noticeable at all after about five minutes. The Blurring Active Base extends my makeup wear by a couple of hours, and doesn't cause any weird breaking up or pilling on my skin. I've used it with various different foundations, with good results across the board.

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Monday, 11 September 2017

Lük Beautifood Lip Nourish - some shiny new shades

Luk Beautifood Lip Nourish Lipsticks

My very lovely Australian aunt is to thank for my recent Lip Nourish top-up. I'm a huge fan of these balmy, sheeny lipsticks - they feel beautifully nourishing (funny that) and are comfortable to wear - a lovely light relief from intense liquid lipsticks.

I've already discussed the many merits of this eco-friendly, cruelty free indie brand on my previous post in more detail. The lipsticks are all a satiny-balm texture, and the more pigmented shades have the ice-lolly effect (popsicle for the Americans amongst us) on the lips; essentially a dewy, fresh, flattering finish. Think Dior Lip Tattoo in non-matte form.

Luk Beautifood Natural Lipsticks

The three I was lucky enough to be given are Ruby Grapefruit, a warm pink ; Nude Cinnamon, which is for all intents and purposes the most delicious lip balm you will ever use; and Cranberry Citrus, a glorious orange-red.

Nude Cinnamon now lives permanently by my bed, and the other two have gone straight in my handbag. They are so easy to wear and use, and go with just about anything. If you're a bit scared of a super-pigmented red but want to branch out from solely neutrals, Cranberry Citrus is an excellent place to start. I love the texture and lip-feel of these lipsticks, and my super dry lips just love the hydration!

Luk Beautifood Lip Nourish Swatches - Ruby Grapefruit, Nude Cinnamon, Cranberry Citrus
L-R Ruby Grapefruit, Nude Cinnamon, Cranberry Citrus

They're not the easiest to get hold of in the U.K., but the Luk Beautifood website does have international shipping. If you're Australia-based, lucky you!

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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Kiehl's Calendula and Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque Review

I've always been a bit sceptical when it comes to hydrating masks. As an oily skinned gal, I've often found they just clog my pores and are often so thick and heavy that my complexion just goes bonkers. I'm usually die-hard for Peter Thomas Roth's crazy-powerful Pumpkin Mask, or a good ol' clay formula. That being said, after a recent dawdle-too-long in glorious Kiehl's, I was sucked in by this little beauty, and I am so not sorry.

The Kiehl's Calendula and Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque is, essentially, the cosy blanket, endless chocolate and Friends marathon for your face. It's got a beautiful, lightweight gel texture, and doesn't feel even slightly tight or drying when applied. It is very cooling and soothing on the skin, without being thick or stifling - perfect if you're feeling a bit weatherbeaten. I used this for the first time after a particularly long, windy jaunt in the Lake District, and it was one of those glorious little-pleasures-in-life moments. It is one of the few products labelled as "for all skin types" that probably would suit all skin types.

Oh, and as a bonus, it smells divine.

It removes easily, and definitely leaves the skin feeling soothed and hydrated - importantly without feeling in the least bit overloaded. Don't expect the resurfacing magic of a majorly intense treatment mask here, but do expect a juicy, moisturised, soothed complexion. If you have dehydrated skin, even of the oilier persuasion, I urge you to pick up a sample of this little love.

Have you tried this out?

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Monday, 4 September 2017

OUAI Morning After Kit Review

OUAI Morning After Kit Review

OUAI is a brand I've been desperate to get my hands on. I've had a lot of success with my recent Davines haul, but a recent spate of hand-luggage-only trips has required quite the haircare downsize for travelling. The OUAI Morning After Kit contains a mini of the Finishing Crème, Dry Shampoo Foam and Rose Hair and Body Oil - all the perfect size for restrictive baggage allowances.

The OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam seems to be quite the divider - some love it, some hate it. For my thick, coarse, unruly hair, this is a fantastic product. It seems to just totally soak up all the gross stuff for a solid 12 hours. It is perfect for post on-call hair, or for a post-workout sort out. It does require a bit of massaging in, but it really works. I think for fine hair this may be a bit overwhelming, but I will definitely be purchasing a full size.

The Rose Hair and Body Oil is another winner for me. This stuff smells incredible - like a gentle, fresh, rosy scent (not at all old-ladyish). It is lightweight and does a great job of smoothing frizz without being heavy and greasy. You can use this on the skin, too - it absorbs quickly and is a real pleasure to use. The scent hangs around for a good few hours. A very lovely French lady stopped me in Sandro (window shopping obvs, I'm not minted)in Luxembourg to emphatically ask me what my perfume was - it was this!

The Finishing Crème is brilliant for day two/three/four/ten frizz. I just use this through the ends of my hair, and it does a good job of frizz control without looking greasy or weighed down. My hair is very thick, so anything that can control frizz in any capacity gets a huge thumbs up. This is excellent for the ends of a ponytail or those wispy bits that you want to look cool coming from a messy bun but are, in fact, sticking out like frizz spears.

This was a really great introduction to OUAI for me, and all three products performed well. Have you tried any OUAI products? What were/are your favourites?

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Friday, 1 September 2017

Travel Minis From L'Occitane #AD

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When I think of L'Occitane, I think of endless lavender fields, summertime and the sun-soaked south of France. Glorious. I've been a longstanding L'Occitane bodycare fan, and recently picked up some travel friendly minis for travelling. Hand luggagers, rejoice!

First up - the lovely Almond Delicious Hands hand cream. I mean, hand cream isn't the most thrilling thing in the world, but this is one to get excited about. As the owner of two chronically dry hands and a job which requires constant handwashing (I'm a veterinary surgeon - always always washing my mitts) this is a dreamy little skincare addition. Not at all sticky, and it has a lovely, light, delicately almondy scent and isn't at all overpowering.

I also picked up the Almond Shower Oil - this is an absolute treat. I have the full-size version of this product, and love that there's a mini available! It lathers to a luxurious, thick foam and is ultra-moisturising - if you have dry skin, I think you'll like this.

A surprise favourite from this mini-haul was the Pivoine Sublime Flash Moisture Mask. This comes in a little single use pack and is perfect for skin rescuing on long-haul flights. The texture is quite thick, but it's lovely and soothing, and moisturises without overwhelming even oily skin like mine.

Are you a L'Occitane fan?

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