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Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips in Charlotte Darling and Show Girl

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips in Charlotte Darling and Show Girl

These are already dividing the lipstick nation.

Charlotte Tilbury is probably my all-time top luxury brand. I love the lip liners, the lipsticks are beautiful, and the new tinted moisturiser is pretty much all I've had on my face for the last five weeks. Charlotte's new Hollywood Lips had the usual wild CT hype surrounding them at launch, and with some pretty bold claims, they have been top of my test list for the last two weeks.

I picked up two colours - Show Girl, listed as a warm deep berry; and Charlotte Darling, described as creamy beige nude. 

First off - the shades. This seems to be causing many a bee in many a bonnet. My advice? If at all possible, swatch these shades in store. Charlotte Darling is one of those funny nude shades (like Anastasia Beverly Hills' Pure Hollywood, if you can remember the ensuing shade-related doo-dah following that launch) that will look really quite different on you depending on your skin tone. On me, this is a peachy-brown nude shade (for reference, I am an olive-toned MAC NC25-30) that definitely lies on the peach rather than pink end of the nude lipstick spectrum. This could look quite brown on you if you are very fair. This pairs well with CT's Iconic Nude lip liner, as long as you don't go full 90's on the ol' lining. 

Show Girl is significantly darker and more brown-toned swatched and on the lips than it is in the tube or on the Charlotte Tilbury website - medium to dark skintones, this will be beautiful on you, but fairer skins may find this is quite a bit more dramatic than they'd bargained for. 

The applicator for both shades is brilliant - a lovely neat little curved doe-foot which does all the hard work for you. A nifty little change there, CT team, good work. 

The formula - not your average liquid lipstick. Thick, moussey, and soft - think much more NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream than, say, one of the Dior lip stains.  It applies easily - I tried to show the texture in the thicker Charlotte Darling swatch below (Show Girl is the darker, dried-down swatch). These are definitely matte - not even slightly reflective after they have dried. Neither are entirely transfer-proof, but both are long wearing - I get about 5-6 hours of wear from both of these. Charlotte Darling is on the chalky side, especially if over-applied. Less is best with these bad boys.

Word to the wise - I don't find that these are easy to reapply. Re-application on my lips creates a gross thick texture, and the formula of both shades then settles in to my lip lines. Not a dealbreaker for me at all, but I am nothing if not honest.

I really tried to avoid editing these photos much, so that you could see the shades accurately - I hope this is helpful!

In summary - flat-matte, long wearing, mousse textured lipstick. Just make sure you swatch before you buy!

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  1. I bought Rising Star and I like it and will definitely buy one or two more but want to get to a counter to swatch them first. I prefer her regular lipstick line xx


    1. I love her regular lipsticks too - I'm definitely more of a regular lipstick gal at heart! x

  2. It sounds like we have a similar skin tone, atleast I know who to come to for lipstick recommendations :) Charlotte Darling sounds quite nice because most nudes tend to wash me out but this one sounds a lot better for medium skintones x

    Velvet Blush

    1. Ha excellent - I'll be checking out your recommendations too! Nude lips are a tricky one to navigate! x


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