Monday, 14 August 2017

Autograph Fibre Sculpting Brow Gel

Autograph Sculpting Brow Gel

Brow gels are a slightly odd category of beauty product, in my opinion. Gluey, sticky, unrealistically shiny hair cement in a tiny,wildly overpriced tube used to be the accepted norm - the ol' soap brow trick has long been my go-to as a result. I am blessed with caterpillars for brows (and I wasn't cool enough in the 90s to pluck them into oblivion) but now and again, they need a little help.

Autograph Sculpting Brow Gel

Most brow gels that are worth their salt are ridiculously expensive, considering the volume of product in those tiny tubes. Marks and Spencer have come out with an absolute stoater (for a relatively reasonable price) in the Autograph Fibre Sculpting Brow Gel.

The brush is lovely - just the right size for the average brow, and it doesn't deposit the gel all over your browbone. The fibres aren't in the least bit irritating, and the colour (I have the darker shade) is cool-toned enough to be entirely believeable. It's rapid to use, too. It sets quickly and genuinely holds the brows - even unruly creatures - all day. I know I'm on to a winner when a random lady in the street asks me if my brows are mine (these are the times we live in, folks).

Autograph Sculpting Brow Gel

Not that I wanted my arm hairs enhancing, but you can see in the photo above that the fibres have set to work!

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  1. This looks great - will keep my eye out for it in M&S! xx


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