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The Beauty Pie Skincare Haul

Beauty Pie Skincare Haul and Review

Beauty Pie just keep on breaking the internet with shiny new stuff. I've already embarked on a few (largely very successful) makeup hauls (you can find them here and here), but this is the first toe dipped in to the skincare pool.

I'll save you the blurb on the whole what-the-jeff-is-Beauty-Pie-anyway and let you read their chat on the website. Essentially, these skincare products should supposedly retail for a hang of a lot more than they do - and so far, I can believe that. I picked up the Fruitizyme Five Minute Facial, The Double Phase Daily Deep Rinse-Off Cleanser and the Super Pore-Detox Black Clay Mask.

Beauty Pie Cleanser Review

Regular readers will know I'm a big fan of a clay cleanser. I find these formulas generally work really well for the greaseball situation, but sometimes, a girl needs a break. This Beauty Pie Cleanser is just lovely. It's a formula you apply to dry skin, emulsify with some water and hot-cloth cleanse it off. It smells delicious - gently floral-citrusy - and has a thin gel texture - not runny by any stretch, but nowhere near as thick as Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish, for example. It's pretty effective on moderate makeup - if you wear a full face every day, I'd probably use this as a second cleanse after makeup removal. I don't find it in the least bit drying, and it leaves my skin comfortable and soft. I'd probably pay the full price for this.

Beauty Pie Cleanser Review

The Super Pore-Detox (I hate the word detox) Black Clay Mask is a delight to behold, too. In a whacking great tube, this is a thin, smooth, easy to apply clay mask in a wash-off formula. It smells great again - if you like the smell of the (much more expensive) GlamGlow masks, but don't like the price/random bits of leaf and twigs/grittiness in the pot - this is the mask for you. It contains glycolic and salicylic acids, so bear that in mind with regards to sensitive skins and other skincare you use in conjunction with this mask.

Overall - love it. It'll take me a thousand years to finish the thing, but when I do, I'll repurchase.

Beauty Pie Clay Mask Review

And last - but definitely not least - the Fruitizyme Five Minute Facial. Essentially a mega-exfoliant, this stuff packs a punch. This is your jam if you're a bit time-pressed/lazy/a fan of REN's Flash Rinse Facial/all of the aforementioned. It is a physical and chemical exfoliator in one - not massive chunks of apricot kernel, you understand, but it is a little abrasive - not in a bad way, as far as I'm concerned. I left this on for the recommended five minutes with no discomfort, and it really did leave my skin smooth and luminous. I've used this about five times now, with a visible improvement each time. Winner. I'd struggle to part with the dolla for this one on the regular, but at the reduced cost, it's a steal.

Overall? Properly impressed. Well done Beauty Pie. More please!

Have you tried any Beauty Pie Skincare?

All products reviewed here bought with my own money. Some links are affiliate links.

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  1. I had read mixed reviews on the skincare so it's great that you love all 3 products that you chose! The mask sounds really good xx

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