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The Beauty Pie Makeup Haul Vol. 3 - Review and Swatches

The Beauty Pie Haul Vol.3

I've had two pretty successful Beauty Pie experiences so far - find Haul Vol.1 and Haul Vol.2  here. Haul Vol.3 was always going to be the clincher - it's the end of my 3 month initial subscription, and I've gone for my hardest-to-please categories: foundation, concealer, and mascara. Ooft. Brace yourselves.

Let's get started. Foundation. As I've mentioned before - I'm a base snob. I'm oily, but I don't by default want to look flat-matte - or like a well used chip pan, either. Foundations worth their salt need to be a fairly natural, satin finish - and have the staying power for greaseball complexions like mine. A tall order, lemme tell ya.

Beauty Pie's Incrediblur Instant Retouching Foundation had me interested from the off. Billed as blurring, smoothing, with a velvety, natural, sheerish coverage - this was definitely worth checking out for me. The coverage is definitely sheer (as described, I hasten to add) but buildable, and it leaves a satiny finish. I'm in shade 400 Buff, which is spot on for my NC25-27ish olive-yellow skin tone. The formula is literally like water - you don't know you're wearing this foundation at all. I don't find it settles in lines, it is definitely forgiving on pores and texture, and is a real your-skin-but-better base. Think MAC Face and Body, but blurrier. Oh, and no flashback. Nothing not to love. I get a solid 5 hours without re-powdering (admittedly, with inital use of amazing powder) and this has gone straight in to my makeup bag.

One gripe - Beauty Pie, we need better website swatches! I've just struck lucky with my choices!

Beauty Pie Incrediblur Instant Retouching Foundation Review and SwatchesBeauty Pie Super Luminous Concealer 200

Beauty Pie's Super Luminous Concealer in 200 Light was the next thing on the list. A smoothing, brightening, luminous concealer, with a cream-gel base, as per the website. The shades definitely run dark, so bear that in mind - if you're very fair, definitely avoid, even 100 will be too dark, I'd wager. The formula is really nice to use - smooth, airy, cream-like and light, but I'm not a fan of the applicator (which is exactly the same applicator as you'll find on 3ina Lip Oils, as it happens). The concealer is easy to blend, definitely luminous, but does settle a bit in fine lines if not powdered pretty instantly. The shade 200 is bang on for me, and I'd say the coverage is medium - this won't cover the darkest of circles, but definitely brightens the undereye area and is a nice formula overall. Not blown away, but I'll finish the tube.

Beauty Pie Incrediblur Foundation 400 Swatch and Super Luminous Concealer 200
Left - Incrediblur Foundation in 400 Buff, Right - Super Luminous Concealer in 200 Light

Not featured heavily here is the Flash False Lash Mascara, and for good reason. Other people have had great success with this, but it stung my poor eyes so badly I had to instantly take it off with some pretty potent makeup remover. Moving swiftly on.

However - the Ultra Colour Wondergel Eyeliner was a great success. Beautiful, pigmented, deep black, with a lovely creamy gel texture. It doesn't crack, I don't experience any transfer on my hooded lids, and once it's set (in a few seconds) it's going nowhere. It's easy to smudge out with a brush immediately after application, and even my oily, hooded lids maintain a deliberate smudgy smoky liner without looking like I've just rubbed my eyes and walked through a bush backwards. I love it.

Beauty Pie Wondergel Eyeliner and Moisture Lock Wondergel Lip Liner in Racy Review

Moisture Lock Wondergel Lip Liner in Racy - I bought this after loving my other liner in Rummy Pink. These really give Charlotte Tilbury's beautiful liners a run for their money. Smooth, creamy, pigmented, soft and a breeze to apply - I'm a huge fan.

Overall - still more hits than misses. The mascara was a big disappointment, the concealer was ok, but I'm really enjoying the foundation, lip and eye liners.

Have you tried Beauty Pie?

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  1. I really want to try more from Beauty Pie but the increase in the postage cost has put me off a bit :( I do like the sound of this foundation though...

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. The foundation is really lovely - a great Spring option! x

  2. I've never heard of Beauty Pie! The foundation sounds good! X

    ♡ itsjessiejane ♡

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