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Lancome Matte Shaker in Kiss Me Cherie Review and Swatches

Lancome Matte Shaker in Kiss Me Cherie

Lancôme have had a bit of a revamp since Lisa Eldridge took the helm. I'm still not a fan of their eyeshadows, but the Juicy Shakers had blogger hearts a-flutter last summer.

Well, they've gone one better this season. Behold - Lancôme Matte Shaker in Kiss Me Cherie.

Lancome Matte Shaker in Kiss Me Cherie Review

Long term readers will know I have a rather sketchy relationship with liquid lipsticks as a genre. I had limited success with ABH, Jouer did a little better, and Dose of Colors slightly better still. My favourite formula has to be the Colourpop Ultra Satins -they are wonderful (though, admittedly, not flat-matte). Lancôme Matte Shakers, however, are heavily contesting that top spot.

Firstly - look how cute. A gorgeous little cocktail shaker of joy. They need a good bartender shake before use, too. Ok, ok, not that important - but a really nice touch. Lovely.

The applicator is soft and spongy, and surprisingly easy to use. The Matte Shaker formula is described as "comfort matte" - and honestly, bottom of my heart, I couldn't agree more. They've really cracked it. Beautiful, medium-buildable colour in a water-thin, feather-light, easy to apply formulation. They have very little transfer, but aren't completely kiss-proof. I would put this in to the more satin-matte category - along the lines of the celebrated Armani Lip Magnets than a crumbly, dry liquid lipstick. They are a breath of fresh air.

Lancome Matte Shaker in Kiss Me Cherie

Kiss Me Cherie is listed as "brick red", and it certainly looks that way in the shaker. It does lean on the pink side, unless you go for two layers, or a dabbing application - then you'll really get that bright red, satin-matte lip.

As you can see - this has a really pinky-red base. Personally, I love it - it leaves a flattering, muted fuschia stain behind for hours. I mean hours. 7 of them, on my lips. And completely wearable - none of this cat's bum lip debacle we're so used to putting up with.

The formula is buildable and plays well with being re-applied. It does take a minute or two to dry on application, so bear that in mind. I see this as a bonus, it gives me correction time! I've got my eye on the coral shades for Summer - I can see these being a resounding success.

Will you be picking up a Matte Shaker this Spring?

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  1. This is the second recommendation that I trust in as many days for these so I think I'll have to invest! xx


  2. I was about to say that it reminded me of my beloved Giorgio Armani Lip Magnets but then you mentioned them! I'm not a traditional liquid lipsticks girl either, I prefer those kind of less drying, more comfortable and perhaps less long-wearing and matte alternatives! Lovely review!

  3. Wow, this shade is very bold for spring!! Love how bright it is :) x
    Jenny | X


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