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Avoiding Impulse Beauty Buys

Avoiding Impulse Beauty Buying

It is so, so easy to give in to the hype. From the internet's insane (but, comparatively, financially forgiving) Morphe obsession, to the truly bankrupting high-end impulse purchases - I've been there with you, friends. Believe me. I've made enough purchases I'm not proud of over the years.

So just how do you separate the beauty wheat from the proverbial chaff? And how do you avoid spending your entire monthly wage in the process?

Beekeyper - Avoiding Impulse Buying

Plan your purchases. I have a massive, constantly evolving list in my notes on my phone. This is super handy - it's always with me, I can jot down the name of something I like the sound of when I first hear about it, and it's so easy to edit. Having a list of potential purchases is really helpful - you can take the time to research on blogs, in-store swatching, or speaking to fellow beauty lovers to see if that product really does what it says on the tin. 

Save specifically. Be realistic about your beauty budget. Small-time bloggers, I hear you - it's hard to keep up with the mega-bloggers in any capacity without a healthy PR stash. If you, like me, are not on every PR list going - you're just going to have to get real. Budget for it. Be specific (see making a list above) and know exactly what you're spending. That goes for makeup addicts in general - some of these mega-hyped makeup items are properly expensive. La Mer, I'm lookin' at you kid. Money is at its most dangerous when you don't know what you're spending. 

Avoiding Impulse Buying

Take your time. Ok, so that's not always possible with super-limited-edition items, but let's be honest - brand spanking new does not a holy grail product make. Don't feel like you have to have every new release the second it comes out. Instagram accounts like Trendmood and mega-bloggers like British Beauty Blogger are really good sources for looking ahead in to what will be coming out in the coming weeks and months, and this can help you plan, list, edit, and consider - rather than rushing out to buy that purple and green duochrome eyeshadow you'll never wear, or the super-spendy palette you'll be too scared to use.

Step away from the smartphone. Ok, the hype is real. It's so easy to get sucked in. But if you're a big internet shopper, you probably don't feel like you need all this stuff quite so much if you think about it objectively. Step away from the screen, take five, go for a walk... do you need to buy it? Now? If the answer is no, stick it on your list. If you don't think about it at all for a week, take it off the list altogether. Discipline is key!

What are your spending tips?

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  1. I go through phases of being really mindful & splurging! I *try* not to jump on every latest release because realistically some products are similar to those I already own. I also always search for discount codes before placing orders! xx


    1. Haha oh man I'm so bad with shiny new releases! They're my weakness!! Great tip on discount code searches!

  2. It's really difficult for me to control my purchased but thankfully, I love good deals and discounts and I lean towards affordable brands and products. And I sometimes buy things because of their packaging haha, it's a struggle!! :)


    1. It's hard to resist beautiful packaging! X

  3. I have a Wishlist on my phone, too!
    And "taking my time" works great for me, as well. Most of the time, if I don't buy something as soon as I get the impulse to, after a few days I realize that I don't really want it that bad. If I still want it, then I'll buy it!

    1. That's my best way of controlling my spending. Splurging on shiny new makeup would be far too easy otherwise!!

  4. Good post!


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