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Zoeva Matte Palette Review and Swatches

Zoeva Matte Palette Review and Swatches

Well, isn't this a vision of beauty.

You may be more familiar with Zoeva as a makeup brush company - they produce really excellent quality synthetic and natural hair makeup brushes - but they have an ever-increasing makeup line to boot. I have to confess, The Matte Palette is my first foray in to Zoeva eyeshadows - but I am seriously impressed.

If you have hooded mature round eyes, then you'll be in need of some matte eyeshadows to complete/create cohesive eyeshadow looks. Matte eyeshadows enhance all eye shapes, give depth, cut creases, and blend out their shimmerier, more mainstream counterparts to perfection. This new Matte Palette from Zoeva is just that - matte. Super matte.

Zoeva Matte Palette Review and Swatches

The main issue with matte eyeshadows (especially cooler tones and purples, in my experience) is that they are just not as pigmented, blendable, or easy to use as a satin or shimmer shade - usually they are slightly less emollient, and the binders needed don't allow quite as much slip. Zoeva seem to have just nailed it with this palette. The formula is very creamy, smooth, easy to use and surprisingly blendable - and with very little kickback in the pan. This translates to an effortless, blended eye look without making your poor eyelids bleed, with little to no fallout. Think the pigmentation of Anastasia eyeshadows minus the fallout, or Makeup Geek shadows, but a more even quality matte formula across the board. I mean, we're almost at Viseart level mattes here. I get about 7 hours' wear sans primer, and 10+ hours with one. Excellent all round.

Zoeva Matte Palette Review and Swatches

The shades are largely warm, very flattering, and it's a doddle to create a cohesive look. There's a couple of mad shades (Chat Late At Night, I'm looking at you) and some off-the-wall shade names - but there's not one miss in here for me. Even that crazy red, used lightly, can be adopted in to a crease for warmth and depth without looking like you've got conjunctivitis. Trust me. Give it a go.

The thing that really impressed me was the purple and slightly cooler tones, however, the formula is very consistent throughout the palette. Two Clocks requires a little more blending, but it's not a huge issue for me. Regardless, Two Clocks is certainly better quality than the majority of matte shadows in this colour family across the board.

Zoeva Matte Palette Swatches

And will ya just look at those swatches! As ever, those are single-swipe swatches. One. Single. Swipe. Zoeva - whatever magic you've distilled in to your matte shadows, keep distilling it. The hooded eyelidded community needs you.

Zoeva Matte Palette Review and Swatches

At the moment, this is a Zoeva website exclusive - but all this pigment for £17.50 and cheap shipping? I'm buying backups.

Are you a Zoeva eyeshadow fan?

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  1. It went directly into my wishlist, just by saying that they are almost at a Viseart (love their matte shadows) level! Great review!

  2. I've resisted buying this so far because I have the Viseart matte palette, Urban Decay Ultimate Naked Basics and Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour palette so can't really justify another matte palette but I am so very tempted - even more so having read this review!! xx

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