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Little Ondine Nail Polish Review

Little Ondine Nail Polish Pacific Review

Little Ondine is a brand I hadn't really heard much about. When it comes to nails, I'm a die-hard Illamasqua Varnish devotee - it takes a lot to shift me from that amazing formula. The only thing I dislike about any nail polish, however, is the smell. Eugh. Let's face it - painting your paws is a pretty antisocial thing to do.

 Little Ondine, however, is an entirely different kettle of polish. Touted as long-wearing (the brand states about a week's wear dependent on application), pregnancy friendly, virtually odour free, vegan, cruelty free, and made from natural ingredients - well, it all sounds like a tall glass of great so far.

Little Ondine Review and Swatches

I chose two colours - Pacific, a gloss denim-blue, and Soft Caramel, a sandy nude (I chose a nude on purpose, as they're often pretty difficult to get right and can be weird, pallid, and sheer. Dedication to you guys as always). The formula is indeed odour free - I wasnt even kicked out of the living room to apply these polishes, which is novel. I applied two coats as usual, and let them dry normally. My thoughts?

Well - there's a few things to consider. There's a pretty comprehensive how-to guide on Little Ondine's website to get the most out of these babies. Clean, dry nails and neat application are the gist of it. I find they take a little longer to dry than, say, a specifically rapid-drying formula, but honestly the difference is next to nothing. The finish is glossy and even, and is pretty kind even on my ridgy disgraceful nails. They're not slick-on-and-go polishes, but they give a lovely, glossy, even finish - and are stink-free. Marvellous.

Little Ondine Soft Caramel Review

Above - Soft Caramel. They've nailed the nude polish thing (pardon the pun. Couldn't resist). Pacific is pictured below after only one coat - I can see me getting a lot of wear from this shade.

Oh, the other great thing? Little Ondine polishes peel off. Like the PVA glue from primary school. It's immensely satisfying, and means you don't have to use remover. I'm afraid longevity-wise I'm not well placed to comment - my job means I can't wear nail polish except at weekends (boo) but I get a full chip-free 48 hours, and that's all I need.

Little Ondine Pacific
Little Ondine Pacific and Soft Caramel Review and Swatches

Overall - I'm impressed. I love the shade range, the lack of smell, and the easy removal. Little Ondine, you're successfully reinventing nail polish.

Have you heard of or tried Little Ondine?


  1. They sound ideal with your job, but I would really recommend the UNT Ready for Take Off Peelable base coat which you can use with any nail polish - its only about £9! xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Oh that sounds ideal! I'll definitely give it a go! Thank you xx


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