Wednesday, 25 January 2017

MAC Soba - The most underrated eyeshadow

MAC Soba - the most underrated eyeshadow

You'd be forgiven for bypassing MAC Soba on the kaleidoscopic display of MAC eyeshadows on the in-store display.

Honestly, it's a shade I bypassed for years - another brown eyeshadow? Groan. I've got about five million of those. Why did I need Soba?

MAC Soba - the most underrated eyeshadow

Soba is a mid-tone, warm satin brown. In other words, a poopy/beigey/boring/slightly offputting little pan of eyeshadow. It's kind of yellowy, camel-y, and not very appealing.

But on the lids - woah there. It's a different story entirely. The not-quite-matte finish is flattering on any and all eyelids of any age; and from the fairest complexion to deepest, richest tones, this eyeshadow will find a forever home in your collection.

It can be a one-wash wonder with a little liner. It can be a fantastic transition from a super-foiled finish to a matte shadow with no choppiness. It can be a light definition shade for the socket on minimal makeup days, or paired with full-on lashes without being OTT. On fair skins, you can make it super grungy; on darker skintones, this will be a beautiful, chic, sophisticated lighter lid shade.

MAC Soba Swatch
Left - Burberry Cream shadow in Mink. Right - MAC Soba

Overall - Glorious. Necessary. And surprisingly hard to dupe.

Get it in your makeup bag.

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  1. I love Soba! It's very under-rated! xx


    1. Totally! I think I've gone through about three of these bad boys!

  2. Oooh I love a good all purpose transition shade - and you're right , I don't think i've ever heard anyone speak about this! xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Beauty Fashion Lifestyle


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