Friday, 30 December 2016

The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi Protection Essence

The Body Shop Skin Defence SPF 50

What? Reviewing an SPF in the throes of winter?

Well, yes. Yes I am. Just because it's winter doesn't mean SPF goes down the tubes. And half of the world are in the middle of a glorious summer, so why not?!

I really struggle with SPF in general. I have an oily complexion, and so many formulations are greasy, sticky and thick - not cool if you're a greaseball before you start. SPF has improved dramatically in the last few years, but I think The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence has to take the prize for the most oily-skin-friendly complexion protection yet.

The Body Shop Skin Defence Review

Packaging - handy squeezy tube, very travel friendly, and relatively leak-proof. Winning.

Formulation - High UVA and UVB protection (which is what we are buying it for, let's be honest). It also contains antioxidants, red algae extract, and vitamin C for skin brightening purposes. Most vitamin C containing products recommend wearing a sunscreen when you are using them anyway, so I suppose this could be a two-birds-one-stone solution for the daytime.

The Body Shop Skin Defence SPF review

The best thing about Skin Defence though, is the texture. It is as light as can be. This feels completely weightless on the skin, and the borderline watery texture is very quickly absorbed. It is moisturising enough without being remotely greasy, and is certainly comfortable on my oily-combination skin. I wouldn't say it's mattifying, but it certainly doesn't exacerbate the oil situation. This plays very well with makeup on top - I find it provides a really nice base, and I don't always require a primer when wearing this SPF. Bonus.

The Body Shop Skin Defence SPF Swatch

You can see the light, watery consistency in the swatch above - it was speedily running down my hand so I had to be snappy with the camera! If you have a combination/oily complexion - this is definitely a daily SPF option to consider. I've already bought backups!

Have you tried this SPF?

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