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Purple Smoky Eyes - without looking like a bruise

Smoky Party eyes - MAC, Colourpop

I am a big smoky eye fan. The darker, smokier, grungier the better. Just put all of the purples on mah face. It is quite easy to just look like you've had a bit of a karate chop to the nose, however. I find that the best way to avoid the punched-in-the-face look is to go for a complex shimmer - all of the sparkles are just too deliberate to be the result of a painful altercation.

If you managed to pick up some of MAC's Faerie Whispers collection last year - there's a little smokey purple gem in there in the form of Magic In Your Eyes. This is a slightly less intense option - it's a warm, smooth, silvery purple and is very easy to apply and blend, with surprisingly little fallout.

MAC Faerie Whispers Magic In Your Eyes

Upping the ante significantly - hellooooo Colourpop Super Shock Shadows. If you're a regular reader, you'll know that I love these cream eyeshadows. The shimmers are really outstanding. My two bright and bold faves are Coconut, an incredible, peacock-electric blue; and Bae - the smokiest, most beautiful, pigmented purple.

Colourpop Coconut Super Shock Shadow Swatch

I mean BAM. Look at that swatch! One swipe as ever. Incredible. It's mega-intense - this shadow makes a fantastic liner if you're not quite brave enough for full-lid-blue. As with other colourpop shadows, Coconut really doesnt budge, and gives a really striking pop of colour in the centre of the lid.

The we have Bae - a purple base, with a really complex blue-purple-green shift which is irritatingly difficult to capture on camera. This is a super-easy shadow to use, and blends beautifully to a deep brown base when blended at the edges, making it a no-brainer for a smoky eye. I can't get enough of this colour - I just wish I had more occasions to wear it!

Colourpop Bae Super Shock Shadow Swatch
Colourpop Bae Super Shock Shadow

And below - MAC Pressed Pigment in Black Grape (swatched on the right) is glorious. Rich, deep, dark purple with a smooth, velvety silver-purple shimmer, this is a really beautiful option. blended out with a warm brown in the crease, this is surprisingly wearable; and applied damp is a bangin' party option. Definitely use a decent eyeshadow primer with this one, and eyes before foundation - you will experience some fallout!

MAC Faerie Whispers Magic in Your Eyes and MAC Pressed Pigment in Black Grape
Left - Magic In Your Eyes, right - Black Grape.
What are your top party eye picks?

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