Sunday, 4 December 2016

Lashings of Lashes - Lashes for the party season

House of Lashes Iconic Mini Review, Kiss Ritzy, Eylure Luxe Bauble

The festive season is well and truly upon us. Christmas trees are popping up everywhere, my street is full of fairy lights - and I love it. Christmas parties ahoy. and Christmas parties = smoky eyes and fantastic lashes. If you can't go lash-mad at Christmas - when can you?!

 I rarely have the patience for lashes, if I'm honest - I need more practice - but I love the wide-eyed effect they give, especially as I have hooded eyelids. And this list of little beauties are worth the effort. Cruelty-free, fluffy, luscious and dramatic - this is my shortlist of party-appropes lashes.

Kiss Ritzy lashes

First up - Kiss True Volume Lashes in Ritzy.  These are medium length and on the wispy side - no bad thing, they definitely look a bit more natural. The lashes have lovely tapered ends, so don't look too blunt and false, and gently taper to longer lashes on the outer edge - very flattering if you have small or hooded eyes. I really like these lashes, and I find them very easy to use - the band is flexible and clear, so they're a breeze to apply. And for £5.95? Bargain.

Eylure Luxe Bauble Lashes Review

Eylure have recently come out with their Luxe range - a cruelty free alternative to mink lashes. These are Bauble - they're voluminous and really finely tipped, but not so long as to be touching your brows. They give a beautiful, luxurious, full effect without being completely ridiculous. Just look at how fluffy they are! They're lightweight and surprisingly easy to wear - they do, however, have quite a thick band, so if you're a lash noob like me it might take a little practice to get them right!

House of Lashes Iconic Mini ReviewHouse of Lashes Iconic vs Iconic Mini

Then, the pi├Ęce de r├ęsistance - House of Lashes Iconic and Iconic Minis. Woah there. These are full on, no apologies, I'm-wearing-falsies-but-aren't-they-amazing lashes. Nothing natural about these bad boys. They have a thick band, so again, they take a little patience to apply - but all effort is worth it. 

Iconic Mini lashes are a few millimetres shorter on band length and on lash length - if you have smaller eyes, these are definitely your friend. I find I have to trim Iconic lashes a little bit to fit my eye shape, whereas Iconic Minis are perfect just the way they are. Both have the same thick, voluminous, criss-cross pattern, and flare to the outside - extremely flattering on just about any eye shape. I can't rate these highly enough - Iconic Minis are the ONES. 

What are your favourite lashes?

All products above bought with my own money. Some links are affiliate links. 

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  1. I love how lashes can completely change a look and Christmas definitely calls for lashes! xx



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