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Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Review

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Review

Rarely do I find a base that makes me double-take in the mirror. I mean a genuine, woah-there-what-did-you-do-this-morning level of double take.  I'm not exactly a fine-art portrait, but I know a good skin day when I see one - or a faux good skin day, courtesy of a mega-luxurious foundation hit from Guerlain.

 Guerlain's new(ish) formulation of Lingerie de Peau really is a beautiful creature. It is supposedly a "second skin" type foundation - no masky weirdness, all of the blendy-blurry goodness, and one pump is comfortably enough for the entire face. Lingerie de Peau is absolutely as light as the proverbial feather - and one of the few foundations I have ever tried that looks even better in strong natural light - hooray!

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Swatch

The texture is on the watery-gel side, and this stuff practically blends itself. You are speedily bestowed with a demi-matte, real looking base that lets the good bits of your skin through and just sort of filters out the red/dark/otherwise depressing bits - without looking remotely mask-like. It isn't full-coverage slap by any means, but it's the perfect glowy-not-dewy base for those of us with a bit of an oil situation, who don't want to look porcelain doll matte. It's a coverage step-up from the likes of Complexion Rescue, but nowhere near Kat Von D.

 I do need to powder Lingerie de Peau down a bit - but that's the norm for me with any foundation. I get a solid 6 hours of non-greasy wear without having to touch up - and even then, it fades away gracefully, as you would expect from a super-luxe product (and would certainly hope for at the price point!)

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau

All in all - zero complaints. Yes, it's at the pricier end, but you really don't need much, and use-wise covers just about any occasion (except, perhaps, a full-cover-red-carpet situation - but I am not ashamed to admit that's not a huge proportion of my life, let's be honest here).

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