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Vera Mona Color Switch Review - The thing you didn't know you needed!

Vera Mona Color Switch Review

Washing brushes isn't fun. There's no two ways about it. What is even less fun, however, is running out of brushes mid smoky eye. Cue looking like you've been punched. Quelle. Mare.

 It's a real first-world problem, I know, but as with most of us, I don't have three million brushes and an endless supply of sparkling clean MAC 217's for blending out the edges of yet another shade of brown in a standard high-maintenance look.

Enter this little tin of genius from Vera Mona: the Color Switch. This has spilled over from professional makeup artistry as a really handy way of switching colours mid-look, without having to use a zillion brushes per eye.

Vera Mona Color Switch Inside

All that's required is a quick swirl of said brush on to the dry, slightly weird, spongy-ish surface, and a fair whack of pigment is removed (especially useful if you're a Makeup Geek or Anastasia eyeshadow fan - that pigment is no joke). Your brush is ready to be used for another colour, or for blending edges out without adding any further pigment. Nifty.

The actual product itsself has a super-long life, and you can easily clean it with a good brush detergent and warm water (or a quick spritz of makeup sanitiser in-between). It's no substitute for a deep-clean, but for a speedy colour change - you'll be amazed how much you use this!

Vera Mona Color Switch

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