Thursday, 3 November 2016

MAC Nutcracker Sweet: Sweet Copper Face Compact

MAC Nutcracker Sweet Sweet Copper Face Compact
Three words: Whisper. Of. Gilt.

Let's be honest - that's why I snapped this bad boy up as soon as it became available on MAC's website. This borderline mythical highlighting powder has made a roaring comeback for MAC's holiday collection, Nutcracker Sweet. If you're not familiar with Whisper of Gilt, take yourself over to Ebay and have a look at the dolla that this shiny creature has earned some lucky ex-owners - I've seen this going for over $200 before now. Insane!

I'm not sure that any highlight can possibly be worth forking out $200, but if you're speedy, you may still be able to find this glorious little cheek compact in store for a much more sensible price (at time of writing, it's sold out online. Soz).

MAC Nutcracker Sweet Sweet Copper Face Compact

Anyway. Packaging - handbag sized and suitably seasonal. Candy-cane-y and gilded rope adorn the outer packaging, and this is echoed again on the embossed pans. They are seriously almost too beautiful to use.

Note: almost.

Inside, you'll find a genuinely useable-sized mirror (well done MAC) and two decent pans of really beautiful powders - Pleasure Model, an Extra Dimension Blush, and the iconic Whisper of Gilt, which is an Extra Dimension Skinfinish.

Pleasure Model is a really gorgeous, warm, coppery colour - definitely more for medium plus skintones - and is mega pigmented. Don't fear though, it's beautifully finely milled, and as such is a dream to blend, even if you go a bit too heavy from the outset. I'm usually a MAC Sheertone kinda gal, but this might even enter my MAC blush hall of fame. It has a natural-satin finish, and becomes a little more glowy as you blend. I really love this blush - I think if you are also olive-toned, this will seriously be up your street.

Whisper of Gilt - Well. Need I say anything else. Warm, golden, and unbelieveably shiny - this is a mega-watt highlight. You can, with a very light hand, achieve a sheer, golden glow, but this is very easy to ramp up to metallic levels of shine. It's very smooth - no chunky glitter here - and blends beautifully with other cheek products. I am a huge highlight fan, and this will definitely be getting a lot of use in the coming months.

MAC Nutcracker Sweet Sweet Copper Face Compact Swatch
The swatches above really do this absolutely no justice at all. Winter and all that - not great for super-shiny swatch photos. Rest assured - if you can get hold of this (for a non-insane re-sale price) then DO IT. You won't regret it.


Did you manage to pick this beauty up?

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  1. Would you believe that I gave Whisper of Gilt away when I was doing one of my clear outs?! I didn't mean to and when I realised, I didn't have the heart to ask for it back! I miss it! This is a beauty! xx


    1. Nooooo!! Disaster! I have to say I am totally getting all the WOG hype. It is lovely!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. oh my that looks absolutely beautiful! I actually haven't bought anything from MAC for ages, you're tempting me though! ;)

    2. It is honestly lovely. Worth the splurge!!

  3. I managed to get my hands on this but haven't used it yet because I made myself wait to photograph it at the weekend haha. I can't wait to use it on Monday now!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. Haha I was waiting for decent light too! Stupid winter making blog photography tricky!! Xxx


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