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Shopping sans-spend - the importance of shopping your collection

Non-Shopping - Shop your Stash

It is so easy, blogger or not, to get caught up in product hype.

 Social media, "influencers", us bloggers, and brands, are all set on product-pushing and the need for new. I'll hold up my hands and say I'm a sucker for the hype train (especially when it comes to liquid lipsticks - Jouer's Lip Topper and liquid lipstick marketing has been amazing, and only these beauties have truly lived up to their hype for me so far).

It is such a shame that some of these, previously raved-about products get lost in the ether, rarely used, or bypassed for the latest, not necessarily better, equivalent. The pressure for having the latest thing isn't exactly bank-balance friendly, either - unless you're a mega-blogger being sent every new product left, right, and centre, it is genuinely impossible to keep up.

The Importance of Shopping your Makeup Stash

I decided to shop my stash this week - dig out some gems from the pile of palettes, and use them religiously again. Unsurprisingly, I've rediscovered some seriously fab products that (I am ashamed to admit) I'd forgotten I owned!

MAC Fluidline in Looking Good

MAC Fluidline in Looking Good - if you have eyes, you need to try this stuff out. I think it may have been limited edition sadly, as I'm struggling to find it online - but if you already own it I urge you to dig it out for this season. Russet-reds and burgundy-bronze eye looks are a big deal for A/W '16, and this little pot of joy fits the bill perfectly. If you are blessed with beautiful green eyes, you could definitely justify selling your spleen for this on Amazon somewhere.

OCC Lip Tar in NSFW

OCC Lip Tar in NSFW - old packaging, yes, same amazing colour. This is a gorgeous, bright red with a fine, shimmering, metallic golden finish. Totally on the metallic lip train that's surfacing in the wake of all things uber-matte; unbelieveably pigmented; and very long lasting. Nothing not to love here.
I suggest using a teeny tiny lip brush to apply this - it is bright and mega-pigmented - not very forgiving on mistakes, but absolutely incredible on!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made Palette - I am quite sure you'll have seen a million reviews of this in the past year or so - and that's not really the point of this post, anyway. This is just a classic example of a super-coveted, hard to get hold of palette that has, temporarily, disappeared into the stash. I remember the crazy hype around this launch - it sold like the proverbial hot-cake. I'm so glad I've rediscovered it though - it's A/W appropes, loaded with pigment, and allows for everything from a light wash of shimmer to intense smokes. Love.

I've also fallen back in love with MAC Soar lip liner, and Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Rose Gold. So autumnal, so rosy, so golden... I can't believe I ever put them down!

Shopping sans-spend

Have you tried shopping your collection recently? If not, give it a go. you might just rediscover something amazing!

All products above bought with my own money. Some links above are affiliate links.


  1. The Self-Made palette looks amazing!
    I try to shop my stash quite often and, although it's not as pleasing as getting a shiny new product, it comes pretty close. One of my most recent rediscoveries is the ├╝ber popular Rimmel 107 lipstick, which I think deserves all the hype.

  2. I shopped my stash a lot earlier in the year & need to start doing it again! I love making rediscoveries. That ABH palette definitely deserves more love! xx

    Beautylymin| Kat Von D Contour Palette & brush Giveaway

  3. I have been shopping my stash but I swear the amount of products are like never ending. Just today I took out my Bourjois Helathy Mix Serum and Chanel Vitelumiere Aqua again, hopefully I can discipline myself to use both until finish this time.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity


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