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Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation Review and Swatch

Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation in Medium 52

Kat Von D hit Debenhams this year, and I am so glad that the brand has finally made the jump across the pond. I invested in the Shade and Light Eye palette and have hardly used anything else since - the matte eyeshadow formula is beautiful, very blendable across the board and long-lasting. I also picked up Kat's Lock-It Foundation in Medium 52 , as I'd heard so many good things about this matte, full-coverage, highly pigmented formula - especially when it comes to those of us with oilier skin. I've been dutifully testing it out for about four weeks, on good and bad skin days, and for some seriously long days too - I am nothing if not thorough.

Medium 52 is a pretty good shade match for me (I'm NARS Punjab/NC35 currently... and have lots of practice under my belt buying foundation from the internet!). It's ever so slightly on the peachy side when blended out - bear this in mind if you are very yellow or olive toned like me. I would honestly recommend trying to get shade-matched in store if at all possible - so at the moment that means if you're lucky enough to be a London dweller/frequenter for us Brits. The formula is seriously full coverage - you can't really just bronze this up/powder it down and hope for the best. Oompa Loompa/Dead-Face Risk = high.

Kat Von D Lock-it Foundation Review

The formula is pretty gel-like and silicone-y to the touch. As with most long-wearing formulas, this is on the matte side - in a big way. More so than even the cult classic matte foundation -  Estee Lauder Double Wear.

You heard me.

Major porcelain doll skin. You'd better be in to matte if you're keen on trying this bad boy. Even for me, the queen of oil, this is almost too matte for the first hour or so - I actually don't powder this foundation at all on initial application (unheard of behaviour in the Key household), and take a little finishing powder in my bag to combat any strike-through later. If you're in to surreal flawless skin, you'll definitely like this one.

Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo Foundation

ONE pump is more than enough for my whole face. I find this plays well applied with a damp beautyblender (this helps to combat the surreal-matte face thing) or with a decent synthetic foundation brush, to stop it from looking too mask-like. Coverage is incredible, as you might expect from the blurb - I can easily get away without concealer, except for undereye brightening purposes, when using Lock-It Foundation.

As for longevity - I can get a solid 7 hours with virtually no oil strike-through and minimal repair requirements; both with very full coverage night-out makeup, and a half-pump-to-the-spots-and-bad-bits poorly applied rush-job. With a little TLC, I can easily get 10 hours' wear with primer and powder. This is incredible for any foundation on my greaseball face! This ages pretty gracefully, too - I don't seem to get crazy separation on my nose or chin, the usual nightmare places, but I know this has been an issue for some people with this foundation.

Kat Von D Lock-it Foundation Medium 52 Swatch

So. Holy Grail? Probably not. I think I'll forever be on that quest. But for a long day, longer night, or for full-on flawless - this is what I'll be reaching for.

Have you tried this foundation before?

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  1. Because I'm not a matte foundation lover, I'll be giving this a miss but I love every KVD product that I've tried! xx

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  2. Wowzers! I have seriously dry skin, so may need to mix this with Mac Strobe, but I love the sound of it so much. X

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