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High 5: Top 5 MAC Lipsticks

5 Best MAC Lipsticks
As with many of us, I am sure - MAC lipsticks were my first proper foray in to the makeup world. As such, they will always hold a little special place in my makeup-loving heart.

They were (and still are) that mid-range price point but borderline-luxury product you could actually afford, with such an exciting and vast range of colours and finishes - I remember being a little overwhelmed on my first trip to a MAC counter!

There are 5 particularly special lipsticks that I use regularly, love, and don't think I'll ever be without. Yeah, liquid lipsticks and indie brands are fun (and, in the case of indie brands, largely excellent), but there's something so lovely about that chic, black bullet and light vanilla scent that I'll always come back to.

Top 5 MAC Lipsticks

My top 5, in no particular order, are:

MAC Ruby Woo - well now. What a red. It is an all-time favourite. The Retro Matte formula is unbelieveably matte - not the easiest to apply, and needs a lip liner and a hefty dose of patience - but once it's on, it's on. And not going anywhere.

MAC Kinda Sexy - Peachy-nude, glide-on matte, mega-pigmented and comfortable to wear. Nothing I don't love about this. It is particularly great with a colourful/super-deep smokey eye on my skintone, as it is very neutral on me - if you are cooler-toned it may come up a little more obviously peach, but the gorgeous and very fair Sharon Farrell loves this, so...

MAC Flat out Fabulous - Fuchsia pink, super-pigmented, matte and gorgeous. I have no complaints. It is ah-mazing with just a little bit of eyeliner, and leaves a little stain on the lips so fades very gracefully as the day/night wears on.

MAC Pink Plaid - a beauuuuuutiful cool toned light pink. My word. I love this. It's a matte lipstick triumph too - very comfortable, glides on with no tugging, and lasts for ages without being even slightly drying. Liquid mattes have a lot to learn from Pink Plaid.

MAC Syrup - a totally underrated shade. Lily Pebbles raved about this ages ago so I picked up a tube - it's a more purple-toned, very comfortable satin lipstick that just edges in to the more-fun-than-a-nude-lip spectrum for everyday.
Ruby Woo, Kinda Sexy, Flat out Fabulous, Pink Plaid
Ruby Woo, Kinda Sexy, Flat out Fabulous, Pink Plaid, Syrup

And the swatches - Ruby Woo never swatches well I'm afraid, you'll just have to trust me abut how bangin' this is on the lips! However - just look at Syrup. Beautiful.

MAC Lipstick Swatches : Ruby Woo, Kinda Sexy, Flat Out Fabulous, Pink Plaid, Syrup
L-R: Ruby Woo, Kinda Sexy, Flat out Fabulous, Pink Plaid, Syrup

Velvet Teddy was a close run-in on this edit, but if I genuinely could only choose 5 MAC lipsticks to wear ever again - these chaps are the ones.

What are your favourite MAC shades?

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