Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Essie Nail Colours for Autumn

Essie Nail PolishDue to the nature of my job, I never get to paint my nails. Well, that's not strictly true - I paint them at every available opportunity; but more often than not it's got to come straight off again the next day. I know, right? Woe is me.

So when I do have a couple of consecutive days off, I go nuts. I love having freshly painted nails. It just makes me feel a little more put together, even if I've really been calving a cow in a field on a hillside until 5am that morning pre nail-painting session.

At the moment, I'm really in to these polishes from Essie - the colours are beautiful, very wearable, and very Autumn-appropes.

Essie Nail Polish

Above, we have mauve-nude perfection Lady Like; glorious Angora Cardi; Chocolatey-purple Wicked; perfect wine-red Bordeaux; and creamy lavender-grey Chinchilly. Whatever your jam is - I've got you covered. This little nail edit will see me through Autumn and beyond.  

Below is Essie Angora Cardi - described as a "creamy, deep dusty rose". Gorgeous. If I had to pick just one shade to wear until 2017, it would be this. It's classic, polished, beautiful, and goes with everything. What's not to love?

I do tend to use a base coat/top coat combination with Essie polishes to maximise longevity, but I'll get easily 5-6 days of wear chip-free using one - absolutely fine with me!

Essie Angora Cardi

What are your favourite nail colours for Autumn?

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  1. I wore Essie Sole Mate non-stop last Autumn/Winter! I love the look of Wicked & Bordeaux xx

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