Tuesday, 27 September 2016

RCMA No-Color Powder - Worth the Hype?

RCMA No Color Powder

We've all been there. We've applied foundation, popped some powder on top, and a couple of hours later - you're orange. Or pure, ghostly white. Mare. This also usually happens to me in situations where I have no opportunity to sort it out - cue spending the whole day as a ghost/oompa loompa. Disaster.

I have, in the past, been pretty quick to blame my liquid foundation for this - but having tried a LOT of powder/liquid combinations in my life, it seems to be that the powder (or just the combination of the two) is often what's at fault.

Enter RCMA's rather hyped-up No Color Powder. It is, on the tin, a pretty basic sounding setting powder.. but don't be fooled by its unassuming, plain packaging. This stuff is dynamite.

RCMA No-Color Powder
Spot the typo...

No Color Powder has been doing the rounds on YouTube as a bit of a miracle product. I don't really believe there are many products out there that deserve this term, but if there was going to be one - it'd be this stuff. It doesnt flash back (I've used this at multiple weddings with great success), is relatively benign from an irritation point of view, and doesn't oxidise anything. Hurrah!

Where I find this really comes in to its own, is around the under eye area. This genuinely doesn't crease, sit in lines, or make the skin look remotely dry. I apply this with a dry sponge for baking purposes, or just a sweep over the face with a standard powder brush. I find it to apply and set makeup beautifully. I am seriously oily, and this is one of the few powders which genuinely offers a degree of oil control.

The bad bit? The packaging. You will undoubtedly waste a lot of product, no matter what you do - which is a real shame when it's this good!

 If you're in to baking to set your under eye area, or just genuinely want a bit of oil control from your powder - give RCMA a go. It's inexpensive compared to most powders on the market, if a little tricky to get hold of - I buy mine from Love Makeup.



  1. This sounds fantastic - a powder that doesn't make the skin look dry is right up my street xx

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  2. That sounds amazing! I have powder that doesn't change the colour of my face or look cakey, but it does nothing at all when it comes to controlling the oil slick that is my nose! I'm going to have a look at the RCMA foundation and thinner, to see if they work for me. Maybe I'll check this one out too!

    Stephii Mattea xx

  3. I was seriously considering getting this and might have to now! I need major oil control and this seems like a really good powder that doesn't mess with your makeup! Can't wait to try it!

  4. I need both the oil control and not to look like I'm 10 years older around the eyes, so this is definitely a powder I should consider!

    1. Haha me too! I hate discovering new creases around my eyes just by applying powder! RCMA No Color is very forgiving! x

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