Sunday, 11 September 2016

KIKO Milano Long-Lasting Stick cream shadow - the best budget shadow stick out there!

KIKO Milano Long-Lastwing Shadow Stick

If By Terry's beautiful Ombre Blackstars are a little over-budget (and let's face it - 99% of the time, they are just a leeeeetle bit out of my price range!) a serious competitor in the budget sector is KIKO's offering - the Long Lasting Stick Cream Shadows.

The KIKO formula is, honestly, so similar to its much more expensive alternative. The By Terry formula sets a little quicker, is a fraction smoother to apply, and slightly more, well, expensive-looking - but there is virtually no difference between them. I will say, the Ombre Blackstars definitely last longer on me - up to ten hours on last count - but the KIKO shadow sticks are not far behind on longevity. Even on my oily eyelids, they last for about six hours (eight or so over a really good eyeshadow primer).

KIKO Milano Shadow Stick 39

The pigmentation is beautiful (check out that one-swipe swatch below) and the eyeshadow goes on really smoothly. The extra play-time on the shadow doesn't really pose a problem - it's actually a bit of an advantage if you're incapable of speedy blending like me.

KIKO Milano Shadow Stick in 39KIKO Milano Shadow Stick 39 Swatch

I have number 39, which is a rich, browny-taupe with smooth, non-glittery shimmer - it's easy to wear as an everyday wash of colour, or really amped up as a super-speedy evening smoky eye. If you're not sure if cream eyeshadows are for you, the KIKO shadow sticks are a great introduction without breaking the bank.

These are so good, (not just for the price point - so good in general) I'm going to seriously struggle to justify another Ombre Blackstar!

Have you tried these shadow sticks from KIKO?

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  1. I really want to try Kiko, I still haven't been in store yet! This shade looks lovely too! xx

    Tamz |

  2. I have yet to try any Kiko products but need to soon! xx



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