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Kat Von D arrives at Debenhams - Shade and Light and Lolita

Kat Von D reaches Debenhams

Kat Von D Shade and Light and Lolita

Beauty lovers of the United Kingdom: Kat Von D has landed at Debenhams. This is not a drill.

Gone are the days of extortion via Ebay/third party sellers/customs fees to get hold of one of America's most popular brands of makeup - Now all that's required is a casual online shop at one of our nation's best beauty-haulin' department stores - hallelujah! I'm told KVD will make an appearance on counter in London shortly - not much use for us northerners, but if you're in the capital, be sure to pay them a visit. I mini-hauled two massively hyped Kat Von D classics - Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita, and the Shade and Light Eye palette.

Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette
Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette Swatches

First off - Shade and Light. If you have hooded eyes; love matte, neutral shades; or are a general shimmer-lover in need of some good transition/enhancing shades to tone down the shine - this is for you. Basically, it's for everybody with eyelids. The palette is grouped into three quads in neutral, cool and warm tones respectively, and is such is a doddle to use.

 The shades are super soft, practically blend themselves, and are nicely pigmented - not so madly intense that they're unblendable, but with good one-swipe pigmentation nonetheless. Swatches above are, as ever, single swipe swatches - I only speak the truth.

I have to use eyeshadow primer regardless of formula, and with that I find I get a good 8 hours' wear from these shadows. I am pretty much in love with this palette, and have been using it at every opportunity - it's extremely versatile and should definitely find its way in to your makeup collection. It's priced at a pretty reasonable £36 - considering you get 12 good-sized pans of high quality eyeshadow (and a USEABLE MIRROR! Hooray!) I'd say that's not a bad price point at all.

Kat Von D Lolita

Second - Lolita. A cult classic if ever there was one. If you're a regular reader, you'll know about my love:hate relationship with liquid lipsticks (you can read about a major miss here, and a massive win for liquid lipsticks here) and my ongoing quest for comfortable, actually matte liquid lipsticks without the cats-ass effect. Well, Kat Von D, you've pretty much cracked it with this formula.

 I find the Everlasting formula to be relatively comfortable, and quite "flexible", if there is such a thing - meaning you can smile, chat, and actually exist normally to your heart's content. As with most liquid lipsticks, oily food is a no-no - but as this is basically a darker version of my natural lip colour, I find that Lolita fades almost imperceptibly as the day wears on. Oh, and no weird white disgusting ring round the inside of the lips. Result. 

Kat Von D Lolita Swatch

Sure, at hour six your lips might start to feel a little dry, but a little of your favourite lip balm, or a quick spruce up with a super-jazzy lip topper will see to that in no time. I have been seriously impressed with this formula so far, and will definitely be picking up a few more of these in future.

Are you a Kat Von D fan? What other products should I get my mitts on?

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised at the price-point on Debenhams :) I love the look of the eyeshadow palette and I have a good few of the liquid lipsticks - they come in so many amazing shades!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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