Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A little luxury - Charlotte Tilbury The Glamour Muse Palette

If there's one lady in the beauty industry who can do luxury, beautiful packaging - it's Charlotte Tilbury. I have a couple of her beautiful rose gold encased lipsticks, and was lucky enough to recieve this lovely little eyeshadow palette in The Glamour Muse as a gift from my sister.

First things first - the packaging. Super-luxe rose gold and burgundy-brown. A little 70s, a little modern, a lot lovely. CT knows a thing or two about making everything completely irresistible. There's an actual useable-sized mirror, and the pans are small, but perfectly useable - a MAC 224 will fit within the margins quite comfortably.

As you can see on the (rather battered - soz) reverse below, this is colour-coded - there's a light prime shade, a slightly darker, rosy enhancing shade, a sooty-grey smoke shade for along the lashline, and a vibrant purple "pop" shade for the lid/jazzy nights out/any and all occasions requiring Cadbury's purple eyeshadow (which is more frequent than you might think).

 I can't say I actually follow this procedure very often - the top two shades get the most use from me. the pink-champagne shade in the top row is super-beautiful and completely daytime-appropes. It makes an easy, fresh, pretty wash of colour over the lid all on its lonesome, or with the prime shade towards the inner corner. For a really quick smokey eye, the bottom Smoke shade is a great choice - however, if you have hooded eyes like me, just be aware that all of these shades are pretty shimmery.

Now the fun bit - the swatches. Just look. Smooth shimmer heaven. These are absolutely butter soft and, for the most part, blend out very beautifully. I'd say they're comparable with the Anastasia eyeshadows for quality. They are very finely milled, and the shimmer is expensive and smooth, not at all glittery. As ever, I need to use a really good eyeshadow primer no matter what, but I get an average wear-time of about 6-7 hours from these before any major creasing.

I have only two gripes when it comes to The Glamour Muse: a) there's not a matte in sight and b)that purple is a bit fur-coat-no-knickers. I love a good purple for fun, but this one is decidedly lacklustre in the pigment department - it applies patchily and is difficult to blend out smoothly. Compared to the other three shades which are borderline divine to work with, it's a bit of a let-down.

Otherwise, if you fancy a little treat/treating someone else, this is a lovely little palette, and is very wearable. Have a look at the other colour combinations too - I've got my beady eyes on the Dolce Vita!

Have you tried these Charlotte Tilbury quads?

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  1. Hi Becky!
    I have the Dolce Vita quad and it's AMAZING, I can't recommend it enough (if you like warm shades).

  2. Oh my god that palette is so pretty, I love that purple share! I really want to try Charlotte Tilbury products, I still haven't picked anything up yet! Xx


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