Thursday, 25 August 2016

The MAC quad I actually use

MAC Blanc Type, Brun, Bronze, Haux

Hello, I'm Becky, and I am an eyeshadow hoarder.

I'm glad we've cleared that up. I can't be the only one though, right?! Tell me there are others out there with neglected green/pink/azure blue eyeshadow purchases (which seemed like a good idea at the time) which only come out for fancy dress parties these days? My Makeup Geek collection is largely pretty wearable, but for some reason, my MAC choices in the past have been a bit wild for being a veterinary surgeon on the daily. MAC Stars n' Rockets, anyone?!

I did a bit of a clear-out when we moved house and got rid of some pretty old/dire MAC eyeshadows (and also gave the perfectly useable but not-my-style ones away). I've been left with a little quad that I am genuinely getting loads of use out of - I can go for a light, matte, daytime look; or do a full on browny-mauve smoky eye, all with only these four shadows - MAC's Blanc Type, Haux, Bronze, and Brun.

Blanc Type, Haux, Bronze, Brun

I feel like Haux, particularly, is a seriously underrated MAC shadow. Sure, we all know about Woodwinked, All That Glitters, or Saddle; but this cool purpley-mauve matte shadow is a real unsung hero. MAC describe it as a "soft muted rosy brown" though I feel like its on the purple end of that spectrum. It is nicely pigmented but very blendable; can be warmed up or cooled down; makes a really nice alternative transition colour; and doesn't make you look like you've got pink eye. Winning.

Brun is another chap which is a little underrated - it gets a bit of bad blending press. Maybe I just got a good'un, but I feel like this shade is a real must-have - it's quite cool-toned, but this means it doubles up as a banging brow powder for the brunettes among us, as well as making a great eyeliner with a little mixing medium or Fix +.

Blanc Type, Haux, Bronze, Brun Swatches
Blanc Type, Haux, Bronze, Brun
Blanc Type is not insanely pigmented - but honestly, I feel like for a creamy white shadow this is not necessarily a bad thing. It's still very easy to blend, and plays well with others. It's great for softening out any harsh lines near the browbone, and also as a matte, day-to-day inner corner or brow highlight, if you aren't all about that shimmer life.

Bronze is exactly that - bronze. Straight-up, soft, shimmering bronze. It is so flattering on all eye colours, and can be built up to a really expensive-looking sheen - think By Terry. It is one of those shades (as with many MAC shadows, interestingly) that don't swatch very well but look really beautiful on the eyes - so you might have to just trust me on this one, or get yourself to a counter to try it out.

What are your favourite MAC eyeshadows?

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  1. I must add Haux to my collection, it looks beautiful! xx


  2. I'm a huge eye shadow hoarder from MAC, my favourite palette is the Brooke Shields one :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  3. This is a lovely little quad, I have one I never ever use! Maybe I should. This is lovely though, I really like Haux! It's such an unusual palette xx

    Tamz |

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