Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Italian Interlude Vol.4: Madina Milano Exact Color Lipstick

Madina Milano Exact Color LipstickAnother little treat for you from Madina Milano. I've already raved about their lovely blush and highlight formula - now it's the turn of the ultimate no-makeup lip - Madina Milano Exact Color Lipstick.

This is a really unusual and innovative product - as you can see in the photos below, it is a bright, transparent fuschia pink in the tube. Exact Color also smells like a Haribo factory - sweets ahoy! If you can stop yourself from just taking a bite out of the thing, it applies smoothly and feels like a very lightweight, more satin-matte lipstick - think Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution rather than a really moisturising formula. That being said, it's very comfortable to wear and not at all drying!

Madina Milano Exact Color Lipstick

It isn't exactly shocking pink when it's applied - it applies almost entirely transparent, and after a few seconds, reacts with the pH of your lips to turn a flattering pinkish hue. In the swatch below, you can see it's virtually clear on application.

I find that this provides the most natural, flattering, sheer hint of pink to the lips - perfect for rushing out the door; for no makeup days; or those days where you just feel you look a bit, well, grey; but cant bear the thought of putting on a full face of makeup/maintaining a banging red lip.

 This is an unexpected love for me - I am all about the lipstick life; but for when I'm in a hurry, nothing beats this little tube!

Have you tried a product like this before?

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