Saturday, 27 August 2016

Italian Interlude Vol.3: Madina Milano Prisma Blush and Allover Highlight

Madina Milano Prisma Blush and Prisma Allover Highlight
Another little Italian Interlude for you - in the shape of Madina Milano.

Madina is an extremely tricky brand to get hold of if you're not in Italy - so thank you so much, Carolina! They only have four freestanding stores in Italy, and their website only ships to Italian addresses. Argh! So make sure, if you're planning an Italian holiday, that you factor in a trip to a Madina store - their products are amazing!

Madina Milano Prisma Blush and Prisma Allover Highlight
I'm told Pat McGrath is a huge fan of their highlighting stick (you can see Carolina's review on this page) and any endorsement by her is certainly worth a second glance! I was lucky enough to win a couple of Madina Milano's beautiful powder products - a Prisma Blush in 03 and Prisma Allover in 01, which is a beautiful highlight.

Both of these products have the most beautiful texture - super smooth, almost like a cream-powder hybrid, with absolutely no powder kicked up at all during use. I really have no idea how they get it so incredibly finely milled - I'm yet to use another powder quite like it! The design on the pans is really pretty too - it took a lot of willpower to break into them and use them - the things I do for you guys...

The Prisma blush is a really pigmented, bright, slightly-scary-in-the-pan shade - but on the cheeks, it is seriously flattering. A light hand is definitely needed if you don't want to look like a clown, but it's super long wearing (I get about 9-10 hours before any fading is apparent). The formula is also really luminous - any sparkle is so unbelieveably fine that you won't look in the least bit like a shimmer monster. The swatch below is a one-swipe and lightly blended with only my finger - you can see how easily the blush blends!

Madina Milano Prisma Blush 03 Swatch
Prisma Allover is a really special creature.

The texture is again ultra smooth, and is very forgiving on fine lines - if you find the likes of Becca Opal or TheBalm's Mary Lou-Manizer is just a bit too shimmery for you, you will definitely like this. It is a more subtle, sheeny highlight, and looks really sophisticated. It is subtle enough to be layered, if you're in to multi-highlighting, or to be used almost all over the face. I practically bathed myself with this today and don't look like Edward Cullen. Promise.

Madina Milano Prisma Allover Highlight
Madina Milano Allover Highlight Swatch
So basically - if you can get hold of these beauties - do! They are truly beautiful, and definitely worth the effort of seeking out if you are in Italy!

Have you ever tried any Madina Milano products?

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