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NIOD Photography Fluid : Your Complexion, But Better

NIOD Photography Fluid

NIOD Photography Fluid


A product that does what it says on the tin. or on the snazzy cardboard packaging, in NIOD Photography Fluid's case.

I first heard about this via The Sunday Girl's review and was pretty intrigued. A non-greasy filter-come-primer-YFBB? I'm in.

I also have acne prone, oily skin, so a lot of liquid highlight/glow/"filtery" products just make me look like I've been deep fried for a thousand years. Fit. not so with this little beauty. It's got a thin, serum-like, light consistency, though admittedly it looks like its going to be pretty creamy, and is completely weightless on the skin. It does act as a decent primer for me, and can be mixed in with your tinted moisturiser or foundation if you prefer. I have worn this once or twice on its own on a good skin day - it imparts a very subtle Touche Eclat radiance all over the face. You won't look like a disco ball either - think refined, well-looking, I-live-in-the-country-and-my-facialist-is-Caroline-Hirons complexion.

Yes. That good.

NIOD Photography Fluid Swatch

It's got a very slightly golden-champagne hue to it, which is almost universally healthy-appearance inducing, and supposedly evens out and perfects the complexion while it's at it. I don't find that the radiance factor in Photography Fluid settles in to/migrates into pores at all, and it is surprisingly forgiving over time - even after a full day's wear, this still looks pretty good and definitely prolongs normal makeup wear-time. For oily skins like mine who don't want to look flat-matte, but can't deal with a seriously glowy base - this one is for you.

 I've given this a thorough test - mixed with moisturiser, mixed with foundation, under foundation, with primer beneath, on it's own - and can give NIOD Photography Fluid a hearty thumbs up. I can also verify that this looks bangin' in photographs, even with flash photography - I'd imagine if you're a bride-to-be, this is one to check out.

NIOD Photography Fluid Dropper

My only gripe? THAT FREAKIN' DROPPER. Not ideal. It you're a bit gung-ho sticking the lid back on, your dressing table will also be extremely photo-ready for the rest of its life. Honestly though, I'll forgive the hated dropper packaging. I can't get enough of this stuff.

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  1. It's a shame about the applicator but this sounds worth the try! Thanks for sharing :)

    Anika |


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