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Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette

I am not one for a bandwagon, normally. I hate hype, especially if it's unjustified, and I hate/simultaneously love beautiful limited edition things that sell out in three seconds flat (usually as I'm not quick enough/motivated enough/rich enough to buy them!). I have to say when it comes to Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palettes, I've always been a little put off by two things: limited edition status, and lack of decent matte eyeshadows. I have relatively small lids and borderline hooded eyes, so I am all about that matte life. Beauty industry, y u no cater for tricky eyelids?!

Those frustrated days, however, are gone. This little beauty has changed everything.


Mattes? Tick. In fact, almost all of the shades are matte or satin, and the two true "classic" shimmers (Vermeer and Primavera) are totally wearable, as smooth as butter and ultra-forgiving on older/hooded lids. Antique Bronze is more satin-y and extremely wearable, and everything else is in a rich, creamy, blendable powder formula. These powders make blending an absolute doddle. they are super-pigmented, word to the wise, and will kick up some powder in the pan as they are really soft - but I don't find I get crazy fallout or any patchy spots to deal with when applying these eyeshadows. You've probably seen about a zillion swatches of this by now, but if you'd like me to add swatches to this post, let me know in the comments!

Limited Edition? NO. This wee wonder is here to stay. I cannot express to you how happy I am about this - I can see myself tanking through a few of these shades and needing (read:wanting) a replacement/backup STAT.

Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette

Sure - it's pretty bright and warm-toned overall, but try not to let this put you off. the six shades on the  left hand side of the palette are totes-appropes for every day with a little Cyprus Umber in the outer corner; and Warm Taupe is a perfect socket-defining shade for with a fierce cat eye, or those of us who have no defined crease (I feel you pal. I am that guy.). I was amazed at how versatile and wearable this palette is.

I'm going to quickly skip over the slightly weird, velvety pink exterior - it gives me the heebie jeebies - but the inside is luxe; there's a good sized mirror; and the brush included is actually surprisingly decent. Well done Anastasia Beverly Hills on that one. The shade names are non-cringe inducing, and some have a lovely little Renaissance-related nod (Vermeer - pearly - Girl With A Pearl Earring. I see you Norvina. Hats off.).

I always use a primer due to oil-slick lids (NARS Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, in case you were wondering) and find that these easily last a solid 9 hours, even in Italian summer heat. (Yup, this is the one palette that made it to Italy with me. It's had a proper test. I am nothing if not thorough.)

You can find this dreamboat at Cult Beauty in the UK. As it's permanent, there's no insane rush on to get hold of it. I'd still make it a priority, though - If you like matte shadows, you'll love this.

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  1. I AM LOOKING AT IT AND YES IT IS SO PRETTY. Gimme, gimme, gimme! I LOVE anastasia products, I swear they can do no wrong!? I am all over the shade 'antique bronze'...ughhh stunning!

    Katie xx ¦ lacoconoire.com

  2. I'm really enjoying this palette too & I also love the Nars eye primer! xx

    Beautylymin| Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct Giveaway

  3. This palette is gorgeous, all over "Primavera" and "Cyprus Umber" xxx


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