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MAC Must-Have Blushes

MAC Must Have Blushes - Breath of Plum

MAC is quite the brand. Huge global reach, seemingly constant limited editions, a whole ton of hype for big releases; and some iconic, must-have classics.

 I remember buying my very first MAC lipstick (Kinda Sexy – still hate the name. Still love the colour) and vividly recall feeling extremely proud of my first higher-end makeup purchase. These days my MAC collection is an absolute embarrassment in it’s enormous size, but I’ve still got more than a few favourites which I always reach for first.

The same goes for MAC blushes. On the whole, MAC blushes are blendable, easy to use, and nicely pigmented – there are exceptions in every line, but as a general rule, you can’t go too far wrong. I rarely hit pan on anything, or, for that matter, repurchase anything; but the three lovely blushes I’m about to tell you about have all been re-purchased at least once. For reference, I’m a rather olive-y NC25-30 for most of the year, broadly speaking, and these are all super-flattering. 

Oh, and none of them are limited edition!

MAC Must have Blushes
Top - Springsheen, Left - Breath of Plum, Right - Blushbaby

MAC Blushbaby – possibly the most boring looking blush you will ever see in the pan (bottom right of the picture above). This looks seriously uninspiring, even by MAC’s description of “Beige-Pink”, and even quite brown, in the pan. On a snazzy MAC display stand, it’s easy to overlook. But let me tell you – this bad boy goes with just about anything. If you’re rocking a crazy lip/eye combination and not sure what to do for cheeks (but need a little life there) this is your man. It’s a Sheertone formula, so you can really build it up slowly, and there’s very little risk of overdoing it. It’s extremely user-friendly for those who are new to blush, or a little scared of it!

MAC Springsheen – MAC describes this as a “peach with pearl” which is a pretty accurate description (top of picture above). It’s a pink-coral (though more coral to my eyes) with noticeable shimmer – though not disco-ball, its very “sheeny” and with a bit of buffing is almost a highlighting blush. It’s got a beautiful, soft, blendable formula which is easy to build (again, this is a Sheertone) and on a medium skintone is extremely flattering. I’ve got mega-pores and I don’t find that Springsheen sits in them at all, despite the shimmer. Springsheen is a perfect summer blush.

MAC Breath of Plum – This “light plum” is, again, a Sheertone (you’re noticing a theme here, yes? Thought so. I am nothing if not predictable) but in a matte finish. Breath of Plum is probably one of the most aptly named beauty products out there – with a light application, this really is a breath of colour on the cheeks. A little darker than most blushes I own, but very flattering – particularly with a tan, or on a darker skin tone. This doubles as a really nice wash of colour for the eyes too – if that doesn’t justify your next purchase, I don’t know what will!

Do you have any MAC ride-or-die favourites?

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  1. These blushes are so chic, not a super bright pink. I feel like any of these would work on my skin tone. Springsheen is gorgeous. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    1. I looooove Springsheen. The name is so fitting! :) x

  2. Oo i haven't seen Breath of Plum before, I love that shade!! I love the shimmer in Blushbaby too. I only have 3 blushes from Mac and none are this nice! One is mostly a contour shade haha xx

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

    1. There are some hits in their range-but some real misses too! X

  3. I have never tried MAC blushes!! I totally need to pick some up now! I love when blushes surprise you. Like when they look just MEH in the pan but on the face they are amazing! I am totally liking the sound of MAC Blushbaby! I think I will start with that one!! Thanks so much for sharing!!


    1. Blushbaby is EXACTLY that kind of blush. So boring in the pan, so flattering on! X

  4. I have anxiety when it comes to MAC blushes. I have two and I do not like them. And not for the colour, but because they are so dry/hard packed that I can't ever get anything on my brush. I feel like I have to scrape the top with something sharp to generate a little colour. So frustrating. but I see lots of Youtubers use MAC blushes all the time and they look so lovely!! Makes me very sad.

  5. I really like Blushbaby and use it for the exact same thing as it just adds that little something when I'm doing a bold lip without taking over the look :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  6. I can't believe I don't have any of these blushes. I think I need blush baby! The more boring the blush color the more fabulous I looks on the cheeks! I like to use color on my eyes more so boring blushes are everything! Lol


  7. Lovely Review, I can't believe I never paid attention to these shades before so thank You for sharing! I will try Breath of Plum I think it will look nice on my skin tone!
    آيهيرب بالعربي


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