Friday, 3 June 2016

Frugal Fitness vol.2 – New discoveries

Fitness Apps

As I mentioned in my last installment of fitness chat, I really actively dislike the gym. Sweating in a room full of also sweating people just doesn’t do it for me (much to the horror of my personal trainer sister). I think this stems from having an “athletic build” at school, in the age of size zero being the thing. Enter years of self-consciousness re: bubble butt and thunder thighs. Thanks a lot, media.

Anyway, the upshot of this is that I am your lady on the prowl for any and all fitness kit that can help you to get in a really good workout without setting foot in a gym. Here’s the latest few obsessions that even I, in the middle of absolute nowhere in Madagascar, am managing to keep up with.

Emily Skye’s Fitness App – Ooh gosh. I have such an Emily Skye girl crush. How? How is she physically possible? She is incredible.
 Anyway, she’s also stuck her name on this pretty good little fitness app. It includes daily workouts, with instructions and videos if you’re a dunce like me. Some of these need some equipment – calling for kettle bells and the like – but I use cookbooks! There are in-app options to access her fitness programs, but I’m a massive cheapskate so I’m just rollin’ on the free stuff right now.

Madeleine Shaw’s YouTube Yoga – Madeleine Shaw is something of a superwoman. Her yoga videos are nothing short of glorious – they are generally quite short, so if you don’t have the necessary time for a delicious Yoga With Adriene session, this is the next best thing. A lot of her practice is based around Yin Yoga, which is apparently all about the sloooowwww. Not necessarily a cardio thrill, but I tell ya – you’ll sleep well after this. Her Glow Guides App is also available – this is more of a structured program, including meal plans and cardio sessions, but its easy to dip in and out of too.

Just go outside. G’waaaaan. Go. Out your door. Right now. Just have a peek. How’s it looking?

In the words of Billy Connolly  - “ There’s no such thing as bad weather. There’s just the wrong clothes. So get yerself a sexy raincoat and live a little!”

Get yourself sorted out with footwear, and get on the cheapest piece of kit you’ll ever buy – your feet. Going for a walk, a run, or a hike, costs nothing at all, and cost-per-wear of your kit will decrease with every step. I promise. It’s not so bad. And sometimes, you get views like this:

Off road running hiking

Before coming out to Madagascar, I bought a Lifestraw water bottle, which has an inbuilt filter, sophisticated enough to filter out almost all scary things from river/questionable tap water. 

Lifestraw Go Water Bottle Review

This is great, as it means I can fill up my bottle in questionable places when out running and not worry about the consequences later! Be sure to change your filter regularly, but this has been a real lifesaver for me. Clean water is a) hard to come by here and b) stunningly expensive in a plastic bottle. This Lifestraw bottle means I can get myself up hills like that majestic number above without buying water all the time, or worrying about streams!

Are you a gym bunny? Or are you a gym-o-phobe like me?


  1. I'm a major gym-o-phobe haha, I do get outside a lot, two dogs to walk means I'm out in all weathers :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

    1. Ah lovely! Two! I'm so jealous! We're going puppy shopping next year :) got to get out then! X

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