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E-Bay Bargain Brushes - Are they actually a bargain?

E-bay bargain brushes

We’ve all been there.


 You know. You buy one bargain, and then it just snowballs in to loads of little things that individually don’t cost that much, but before you know it – you’ve ordered five zillion of these bits and bobs, and have a hefty dent in your bank balance. Oops.

One such item which always catches my eye are these unbelievably cheap brush sets you see kicking about on there constantly. Fee from MakeupSavvy is an avid Ebayer and seems to find some absolute gems on the site, and it was through one of her posts that I ended up ordering one of these super-cheap brush sets, partially as a bit of an experiment, and they were perfect for coming out to Madagascar – the Suqqu cheek was not coming on a 6 month holiday to Sub-Saharan Africa!

Anyway. These took about 3 weeks to arrive, which was within the time-scale set at the time of purchase (but is a long time for me to wait for anything – hello impatience). They were packaged very simply, and my first  overwhelming impression of these was a pretty strong chemical smell on unpacking the parcel. Nice.

I gave them a good wash with my usual Dr. Bronner’s Soap, and this banished the chemical smell. The brushes all dried really quickly, too. Often on the ads on Ebay for these, they are described as “hair” of many kinds – let me assure you, these are synthetic brushes!

E-bay bargain brushes

The brush heads are all pretty large – no use for detail work at all, but they are really, really soft. Like, kitten paws soft. I was surprised by how pleasant these are to use. Some of them have quite long bristles, and as such can kick up quite a bit of dust from cheaper powder eyeshadows, but they pick up and deposit a nice amount of product. I find where these perform just as well as more expensive brushes is with liquid or cream formulations – they blend out any cream product beautifully.

I’m glad I bought these brushes, and have got good use out of them, but I’m not sure I would purchase again – partially as I think these have quite a bit of life to go before conking out!

Granted, they are not as beautifully blendy as Wayne Goss’s gorgeous eye brushes, nor are they as soft – but they’re about a millionth of the price. You’re getting good bang for your buck.

Have you bought any E-bay brushes? What did you think?

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  1. My sis bought some MAC brushes (cough cough scam cough) in a set! They are not MAC brushes. They were ok (kinda scratchy but not the worst I've used) but it was definitely a scam and I do not use them ever, especially after getting the Real Techniques ones!

    1. RT brushes are just great, aren't they?! It's always a bit of a risk buying cheapy brushes-I think I lucked out on these! X

  2. I love eBay grabs, you can get some really good things. But I agree, you just seem to keep adding and adding things! They look so good and soft x

    Tamz |

    1. I wasn't really expecting much from these, but they're surprisingly soft and I use them loads! X

  3. I have some amazing brushes from eBay and AliExpress - so much so, I'm not sure I'd part with the money for more expensive brushes anymore xx

    Gemma • Miss Makeup Magpie ❤️

    1. I know! I look at the price of some brushes and just cringe-especially Suqqu/Hakuhodo etc. They're not really a justifiable purchase for me - purely a luxury at that price!

  4. I have never tried any from eBay! But a lot of people rave about them. Maybe it's time to take the plunge. Xx


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