Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Rimmel Mascara You Need to Try Out

Rimmel London ScandalEyes Xxtreme Mascara
Rimmel ScandalEyes Xxtreme Mascara. You won't lose the tube anyway!

When it comes to mascara, you really can pay whatever you like for the stuff. I've tried 'em all - budget to super high end, often without much noticeable difference in performance. I really have not found one mascara I want to stick with long term (I usually have about five on the go at any one time. No, really. I have a problem.), and it takes me an age to decide if it’s one I might repurchase.

Mascara is like wine. Better with age. (well. To a point.)

But on one of my many, many perusals down the aisles of Boots, I picked up this offering from Rimmel – ScandalEyes Xxtreme Black Mascara. Apart from the standard insane mascara-marketing, I am really enjoying this. It’s one of the few mascaras I have liked using straight from the word go.

Rimmel ScandalEyes Xxtreme Mascara Wand

 It’s a high-volume mascara with a relatively wet formula, and one of those space-age plasticky “wands”. A word of advice – do not stab yourself in the eye with this thing. Weeping guaranteed. Supposedly the arched side is for volumising purposes, and the flat side to define and lengthen – I can honestly say I use both sides equally and don’t really ever think about the purpose of each one! The teeny weeny bristles are great for separating lashes however, and give a really lovely, fluttery effect, 
even after two coats.

A terrifyingly close look at my eye. Hope you can sleep tonight.

I find the formula great for those of us who wear glasses (if you’ve ever experienced the weird sensation of lashes-hitting-lenses, you’ll know where I’m coming from) – enough length, but mostly lots of volume, and a good brush to wiggle in at the roots for maximum effect. It still looks relatively “natural” if that’s a thing, so it’s great for everyday use. As with most mascaras, I am enjoying this one more as it matures a bit – the slight thickening of the formula is lending itself to quick, easy, volumised lashes.

It is not by any means a waterproof formula, so bear this in mind if you are prone to an eye-water. It is, in my experience, relatively smudge proof, and I’ve never experienced any weird mascara flaking in 3 months of regular wear in hot, humid conditions (flaking is my absolute pet hate – who wants to look like they’ve been down a coal mine all morning?!). 

Oh, and this is so easy to remove. an absolute dream. More companies need to take a leaf out of whatever book Rimmel read when they made this one.

For the price, this is a really cracking mascara for everyday use. As with most wonderful things in the world, you can find this at Boots.

What’s your favourite high-street mascara? Which one do I need next in my stash?

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  1. I love Rimmel Mascaras so I will have to give this one a try! x
    Louise |


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