Saturday, 21 May 2016

L’Occitane Cedrat Global Face Gel – one to borrow from the boys

L'Occitane Cedrat Global Face Gel

My husband, like, I suspect, the majority of husbands, is not in to complicated skincare routines. I know right?! Shocker. He is all about simplicity, and things that do what they say on the tin (aren't we all?!)

 I’m trying my very hardest to get him to consistently use moisturiser and an SPF, and do a decent job of cleansing. Honestly, it’s pretty tricky. He’s got “normal” skin (lucky beggar) which copes pretty well with general benign neglect; but as he approaches the big 3-0 I’ve been succeeding more and more often in my skin pampering persuasion campaign.

One item which has been a home-run winner in my skincare crusade has been L’Occitane Cedrat Global Face Gel – a super-lightweight, non-greasy gel moisturiser, which claims to mattify, hydrate, and energise the skin.

L’Occitane Global Face Gel contains Corsican cedrat extract, which claims to have energising properties. It smells like mildly sherbet-y lemons with a slightly woody note to my nose. It is as light as a feather, absorbs in seconds and leaves no residue in beards (I am told. I am not bearded. Just for the record). It is well packaged and has a really decent pump dispenser, which is both hygienic and convenient. Mr. BK has been spotted using Global Face Gel consistently – unheard of - and thinks his skin may be a little less congested too. Bonus. L’Occitane has a whole range of products within the Cedrat range – I am told that this may even end up being a re-purchase!

And the best part?

Should you happen to give this a try (it's a good idea, trust me) this is a surprisingly good base for makeup! The high glycerin content in this smooth textured gel means it grips on to your base from the word go. And it stays put. It’s also pretty smoothing – this almost acts like a primer – and it smells delicious, not overpowering. I used this gel having forgotten to bring any sort of primer away with me (and oily skin +high humidity = cheerio foundation) and it works a treat.

It’s definitely a product to “borrow” from time to time!

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