Monday, 2 May 2016

Colourpop Super Shock Shadows – Worth the hype?

The internet has gone entirely bananas for Colourpop in the last year or so. In fact,  a new Colourpop release often breaks the internet for real.  As an “indie” brand, and owing an astronomical ascent in popularity to the likes of Instagram and other social media, Colourpop are an almost overnight success story for the power of social media in marketing. Their range is extensive, regularly edited, fairly regularly restocked, and new products are appearing all the time. But – are their products actually as good as the incredible hype?

Today we’ll have a peek at the Colourpop Super Shock Shadows. These little pots below, in order, are Gecko, Sand Swoon and Strength – the finishes are pearlized, satin luxe and matte respectively. Gecko is a really lovely grey-pink duochrome, and looks great as the focus of an eye look. They come in these dinky wee pots which store easily and are relatively sturdy. There have been many reports of these arriving a bit smashed up in transit, but they are easy to squish back together in to a semblance of order if this happens.

'Scuse the bruise. Had an altercation with a bull not wanting his medicine this morning. I won.

The texture is weird. Not unpleasant. Just weird. Cream? Powder? Squishy? Bouncy? Wet? Dry? Who knows. They are what they are. They behave most similarly to a silicone-rich cream formula,  and sets completely after a few minutes. The mattes are not entirely matte, in my experience – most of them are shot through with a little very fine shimmer, or are borderline sparkly – not unusual with a cream formula, but worth bearing in mind if you’re a die-hard matte fan.

Application is not foolproof. Colourpop recommend applying with a finger rather than a brush – I agree with this, you will get much better colour payoff using a digit. You’ve got to work fast too, as these will set within a minute or so. They can make a really lovely base for working on top of, as long as you’re speedy with initial blending. As they are (in my experience) pretty opaque, they are great for cancelling out any eyelid darkness/redness for a bangin’ smokey eye. I do find these tricky for the crease though, due to lack of desired opacity obtained with a brush -  my big ol’ fingers are too chunky for any real crease definition.

Also – word to the wise – don’t go cray cray on a thick layer here. Enough shadow to get desired opacity, and no more. Too thick – I promise you this will crease within the hour. I get a good 6-7 hours outta these babies crease-free with no base beneath and no shadow on top (which is pretty miraculous for my greaseball eyes). I’ve had greatest success with these using them as an all-over wash of colour for the lid, and using powder eyeshadow in the crease.

In the below photo you can see I've hit pan - and it's not that deep, given the depth of the little pot. I'm not hugely bothered by this as there is more than enough for your dolla in the pot, but just to bear in mind if you were expecting a vast amount of product in the tub.

All in all, I’m a fan. Incredible shade range, pleasant to work with, and excellent value for money. Job’s a good’un. They’re not a one-size-fits-all product, but for some great lid shades at a really reasonable price, they are great. Give them a go and let me know how you get on.

Currently, Colourpop don’t ship to the UK (soz) but I have heard on the Twitter grapevine that they are aiming for 2016 UK shipping, so watch this space.

I have quite the selection of Ultra Matte/Satin Lips, Lippie Stix and Creme Gel Colours/Liners - would you like me to review those too? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Greetings! I wandered here after reading a couple of your comments on MBB :) I like the way you write so I'll check back here as often as I can. I really appreciated your comments on the Anastasia liquid lipsticks - they are raved about everywhere but I'm glad I held out, LOL. I am a lipstick addict, I must confess. A dumb question for you: how does one acquire makeup from brands that don't ship to your country? Colourpop doesn't ship to Canada either, given it's so bloody remote (haha). But the Canadian youtubers I follow all rave about their products. Am I just old and daft?

    1. Hi Angela! Thanks for your lovely comment! MBB is one of my favourite blogs. I'm loving the interns right now too, aren't they great?!
      So there are a couple of ways of getting hold of tricky brands, to my knowledge. I am fortunate enough to have a sister-in-law in LA, so she is my source usually! Also, I know folks use eBay, but the price is usually hugely inflated per item. However, I have a lot of friends who use shipping companies like ComGateway to ship US-only items to them. This is priced on weight and can be expensive, but they have coupon codes regularly-it's worth signing up to their newsletter!

      I hope this helps you out! :) x

  2. I'm currently awaiting some Colourpop items from a friend in the states. It's such a shame they don't ship here, the ones who import them in and sell them, really do sell them at a huge price that it seems cheaper to get it abroad and shipped over. I'd love to read more on their other products. x

    Dolce Vanity

    1. I know, it's a real pain isn't it! Hopefully UK shipping will appear soon! Great - I'll start typing up some more! :)

  3. I really want to try Colourpop products! I love the collaboration Kathleen Fuentes did with them :) The eyeshadows look super pretty xx

    1. They have been killing it with their collaborations recently. So many beautiful shades!


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