Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Alfresco Bug Bite Moisturiser Review

Alfresco Bug Bite Moisturiser

I HATE BITING INSECTS. There. I said it.

 All of the bitey things. I hate you.

 I come up in enormous, red, painful welts which take an age to come down, especially from mosquitoes (which is joyful, as you can imagine, currently residing in Madagascar). Apart from the whole disease-transmission thing if you’re in the tropics, bug bites are painful, unpleasant – and can be really unsightly.

When I stumbled upon Alfresco Anti Bug Bite Moisturiser on Cult Beauty, I thought it was worth a shot. DEET free, supposedly gentle enough for use on little ones, and a promised pleasant scent. Great!

 Apaz Penelope Cruz is a fan – and she is constantly super-gorgeous (though she probably has someone specifically to photoshop out any bug bites from her photos, admittedly). DEET is obviously gold standard for areas where vector-borne disease is an issue, but for a Scottish summer (and, actually, for wearing “under” DEET, as my skin can be sensitive to it) I bought a little bottle of this to try out.

I am so glad I did.

Finally, a product that does what it says on the tin. An easily absorbed formula, a really pleasant, baby-powder-meets-cinnamon-sticks fragrance; and loads of moisture for dried out, over-sunned legs. I use this as an after-sun in the evenings here, as it is so moisturising, and also really does keep the bugs at bay. I use this as “underwear” for my skin before applying DEET in Madagascar, and it does soothe my skin and prevents any irritation from the DEET-containing product on top. Winner.

Scottish midges are particularly renowned for being entirely immune to all but the nuclear bombs of bug repellents.  They have met their match in Alfresco. I spent a week riding round the perimeter of the North of Scotland on the motorbike with Mr.BK, and can report not one.single.bite. Midges – in your tiny little faces.

Alfresco Bug Bite Moisturiser Ingredients
The ingredients list. 

More than one person has asked me what my perfume is whilst wearing this. I’m sure, as with any scent, it’s not for everyone, but I for one am a fan. It’s slightly spicy, slightly powdery, slightly fresh, and not at all overpowering.

If you are heading to Scotland, are particularly prone to bites, or sensitive to DEET applied directly to your skin – this is for you.

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