Thursday, 14 April 2016

Top SPF picks for oily skin.

I was chatting to a friend, Sarah, while walking to the market here in Madagascar yesterday. She's English, but has lived here for 5 years in the searing tropical sun, and if anything looks younger than ever (she's also a 5ft 10 model-esque legs-for-days mother of four. FOUR. And yes, delightful as well. Life's not fair, is it)! She puts this down to an SPF obsession, a wardrobe of sun hats, and generally being extremely sun conscious. I would argue there's also a generally beautiful person genetic factor too, but she's right - apart from the obvious benefits of protecting your skin from harm, SPF is a seriously important component of your anti-ageing arsenal.

Wherever you are in the world, sunscreen is a must, especially in sunnier climes. There are loads of different brands on the market; chemical/physical sunscreen hybrids, sunscreen infused primers - you name it, it exists. There's also a lot of misinformation about application, SPF rating and general use of sunscreen. Caroline Hirons debunks many a myth in her SPF cheat sheet so don't be lost in the sea of SPF as summer approaches!

 Here is a (very short) shortlist of 3 of the best broad spectrum (both UVA and UVB protection) options that I've found, especially if you're an oily gal like me:

La Roche-Posay Anthelios AC SPF30 Matte Fluid - this dinky wee bottle contains a light, easily absorbed, broad spectrum sunscreen aimed at oily skin. I can verify that it's not shine inducing, and sits well under makeup - it will leave a slight white cast though if worn alone, so just bear that in mind if you're planning on a Vogue cover anytime soon!
Vita Liberata passionflower and argan dry oil face serum SPF30 - phew, what a mouthful! This is oil based and definitely more of a glow giver. A little goes a long way - one pump is easily absorbed and feels silky and beautiful, anything more than that is a bit too shiny for my taste! Feels lovely on, has a faint, inoffensive smell which fades quickly, and doesn't break out my skin.
Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF50+. This is a veritable delight to use. Sits beautifully under makeup, very light and absorbs quickly, and completely non-greasy. I've not experienced any white cast using this, and it doesn't give you that I'm-sweating-not-glowing-there's-a-difference thing that I have experienced before when using SPF under makeup (to my detriment, when I was a bridesmaid. You can see my forehead from space in the photos. Oops.). All in all, a fantastic all-round option.

 So there you have it- my top SPF picks. If I look like Sarah in 5 years' time, I'll be showering gifts on the entire Alpha-H team.

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