Sunday, 17 April 2016

The Morphe 35W review - is it worth the hype?

My natural habitat is Boots. You'll find me there going googly-eyed over the latest drugstore/high street wonder most weekends, and I am a massive drugstore skincare fan - you can't shut me up about French pharmacies once I get started (you have been warned). However, the one thing I have always struggled to find in the high street is a decent eyeshadow. Most of the shadows and palettes I have found are a bit dry, crumbly, and difficult to blend (especially the matte shadows), and I've come away from the experience a bit disheartened. Why should we have to pay some serious dollaz for the joy of a little pot of powder that doesn't fade to nothing? 

As you can imagine, I had high hopes for the Morphe 35W palette. Anyone and everyone has been raving about these palettes since they first burst on to the scene; especially after the ethereally beautiful Jaclyn Hill collaborated with the company. For what it's worth, here's my two pence on the budget palette causing such a stir.

The packaging is basic - smooth, black plastic, nothing exciting, click closure, snore snore snore. Let's move on.

Inside are 35 colours - good value when you consider the whole thing costs a mere £15.95 on
 Beauty Bay. One caveat - the first three ingredients are talc, mica, and mineral oil. Cheap. Hardly a surprise. But bear that in mind if this is an issue for you. There is also a faint but definite talc-y floral smell - nothing crazy, but noticeable. 

The colour selection is good, with a couple of surprises (Barbie pink, 2nd row, I'm looking at you). There are thousands of reviews online packed with swatches, so I'll only swatch the very best and very worst here for you in natural light:

The best performing in this palette are the metallic shimmers. Look how PURDY. Excellent pigmentation, beautiful colours and apply well with fingers or a brush. The texture is soft and smooth, and wear time is average. 

The mattes are, sadly, a different story altogether - chalky and generally poorly pigmented. I have to pack this stuff on, and there's a lot of fallout. They do, however, blend very easily due to the poorer pigmentation, so definitely a bit easier for an eyeshadow newbie, and good for practising more edgy looks without using 4 bottles of micellar water to remove it all afterwards - just don't expect them to hang around that long on your lids! 

Honestly? I'll make more use of this palette, and I regularly use the shimmery shadows as they are beautiful... but I won't buy another palette. I'm not on the rave review bandwagon. Soz. 

The search for the perfect budget palette continues! Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions! 


  1. Thanks for the review! My favorite budget palette is the Coastal Scents Revealed 1 & 2 palettes. I live in TX & if I know I'll be in the heat & need my makeup to last all day, I reach for one of those palettes almost every time! I use an eye primer (like Too Faced or Lorac) & then a little bit of a Mac paint pot to even out my skin tone on my lids & the shadows last even better than some of my high-end palettes!

    The NYX Avant Pop! Nouveau Chic Shadow Palette is another good one.

  2. Great to see an honest review of this pallette finally!


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