Friday, 15 April 2016

Frugal fitness on the go

Image credit Viktor Hanacek

Holidays. If you're anything like me, holidays are time for strolling at a zillionth of your normal pace, a LOT of reading/generally not moving, and ICE CREAM. All of the ice cream.

But what if you are one of those rare, beautiful, motivated creatures - the bona fide gym bunny?  What if you're such a frequent traveller that membership would be a waste of money? What if you (like me) just hate the gym generally?

Fear not my friends. I have a few cheap/free options for you to check out-either YouTube-able, Or DVDs you can upload on your iPod and go.

If you're not already familiar with Adriene Mischler of Yoga With Adriene on YouTube - get involved. You can thank me later That voice. She could read me the phone book and I'd listen all day. She's a fantastic yoga teacher with lessons for all levels - if you're a complete yoga noob like I was, I'd give her 30 days of yoga a go to start with - you'll be totally zen in no time.

The moderately terrifying Jillian Michaels - now. Hear me out on this one. If you're a fellow relatively conservative Brit, Jillian's style can seem a bit full on at first, but her HIIT workouts are worth the tough-trainer outlook. You'll struggle to walk the next day, but oh will you be ripped! You can pick up her DVDs on Amazon if you're U.K. based. Oh, no weights? No problem. 1.5 litre water bottles give more than enough resistance! 

Finally, the Nike Training Club App. This has every workout under the sun and is updated regularly, with video guides for each move in each workout. There's a great selection - from short 15 minute focused sessions to 45 min hardcore routines - and everything in between. No need to be bored doing a million sit-ups on repeat, and it's on your phone, so its easy to do anywhere. You need little to no equipment for most of the workouts, and if you are super motivated you can set up a month-long training program for yourself at whatever level you choose. Who needs the gym! 


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