Sunday, 24 April 2016

Curls, Interrupted - John Frieda and TIGI frizz-fighters

Tigi Bed Head Shampoo

Curls. Chances are if you have them, you battle them; and if you don't, you regularly spend a large amount of time, and effort trying to get them. Such is life, eh

Mine are particularly rebellious at the moment due to the humid climate here in Madagascar - think Monica in Friends when she's on holiday. No joke. Curlfriends, you get me. The struggle is real. But fear not if you're in the same boat - I've got three products up my metaphorical sleeve which will help to keep them under control! 

Let's start at the very beginning. TIGI shampoos are my forever fave and are yet to let me down. As a total bonus, TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner both like sweets (win) and are particularly adept at curl-taming. Plus - MEGA MASSIVE BOTTLES. Save some cash moneys and have beautiful, manageable hair - what's not to love?

Post-washing, it's all about John Frieda Frizz-Ease products. They had me at hello, all that time ago when it was just a dinky bottle of serum available - remember those days?! My products of choice are the Daily Miracle leave-in conditioner, and the Miraculous Recovery Creme Serum. Miracle is a strong word. Let's be honest. But it is a completely weightless, detangling leave-in conditioner; and seems to almost instantly smooth hair after application to damp tresses. The serum locks out frizz pretty successfully without that greasy too-much-product feeling, so common to earlier versions of this type of formula. You only need a couple of pumps too, so the bottle will last for ages. 

This little combination has been managing the curl madness even in 40 degrees centigrade and 90% humidity, so they really are curl control masters!

What are your frizz heroes? Let me know in the comments!


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