Friday, 29 April 2016

Beauty and the Brain - why makeup is good for the mind.

First thing is first. Makeup should be a pleasure. For fun. A lovely, refreshing adjunct to a busy, stressful life. An escape. And ultimately? It should, in my opinion, make you feel good. 


There is a multi-bajillion-pound industry based solely on cosmetics for a reason. The latest thing, the newest craze, contouring/strobing/bold brows/90s lips, etc etc etc. We can be, understandably, manipulated by this into believing we have to use a certain amount of makeup, in a certain way, to look good. I say this as someone who loves the beauty industry, and is all about a new discovery.

However, I am here to tell you: this concept is a nonsense.

You do you. Love a daily cat-eye? Preach. No makeup at all? Do it. You'll rock it. In to an orange lip? Go for your life, my friend. Whatever makes you happy. 

Because makeup can be so good for the mind. A makeup routine which you know enhances your already beautiful face, in just the way you want it to, will make you feel a million dollars. That quick slick of mascara before you head out the door can just put a little spring in your step. Sali Hughes talks about the feeling of game-face-on in her book, Pretty Honest, with regards to a bold red lip. 

There is this groaning, archaic misconception that makeup is just the caked on slap of the vain, used solely to decieve, or for those who want to cover every inch of skin on their face. Another ridiculous notion. And, on reflection, so what? What if makeup application of any kind actually does make you feel better? Is that a problem? Surely, actually, that is the point?

Makeup is for you. Not for anyone else.

I can vouch, first hand, for the ethereally comforting nature of my normal self-care routine, at times when it seemed the rest of the world was just falling apart around me. When things are dark, one must look for the tiny twinkles of brightness in each day (I promise you, they are there): that may be an unfurling flower, it may be an off the charts cake (it is, frequently I find, confection related), or indeed it may be that beautiful, comfortable lip colour you love.

This is the reason you'll only find things that I actually love on this blog, or discussions on how I genuinely find a product. I want you to share my discoveries. Maybe, who knows, they will bring a little joy in to your life. My favourite ride-or-die product is a £6 facial spray from the french pharmacy, discovered by accident years ago on a trip to France. It's not new, or particularly fancy, but I love it, and it works. So there. You'll be seeing a lot of it.

Beauty, and all that that title encompasses, is a lovely luxury in life, and can be that ever necessary ray of sunshine in a gloomy place. Enjoy it for what it is. And do what you want with it. 

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