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Back to basics: Simple Regeneration Age Resisting skincare

Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Moisturiser

I have what may be classed as troublesome skin. Unpredictable, dehydrated, and easily angered. And it shows its displeasure by producing those spectacular spots that never come to a head, but just HURT. Lovely. When my skin is having a meltdown, there's one family of products I reach for - Simple skincare.

Simple is a brand which just doesn't get enough love on the Internet. Their products are generally colour and fragrance free, and formulated with sensitive, easily irritated skin in mind. The Simple Regeneration age resisting range contains green tea extract, oat-beta glucan to soothe irritation, along with green tea extract and good ole' vitamin E as antioxidants.

I have the Regeneration Age Resisting Day Cream SPF15, and the eye cream from the same range. The day moisturiser is a lovely lightweight option, even suitable for my oily skin. It smells of nothing, which is the aim really, and is extremely soothing - if I've got a bit of a rouge situation after testing out a product, this is what I reach for. It is SPF 15 - fine for nipping outside or for the cooler months, but bear in mind you'll want a higher factor SPF for summer or any dedicated sun-worshipping - I've listed some options in my previous SPF post. The packaging is good, with a nice hygienic squeeze pump - I do find for us oilies this dispenses quite a lot - half a pump is fine for me (less than half a pump is pictured below).  If you're at the mid-twenty-something stage like myself, with no lines (yet) but you have The Fear re: the whole line situation, this is one to try on for size.

The Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Eye Cream is, again, very soothing. It is a gel texture, as you can see in the above photo. It feels quite cooling on application, and is absorbed quickly with no residue-I have no issues applying primer or makeup over this. This does contain some shea butter, but I've not experienced any blocked pores as a result. Eye cream is a bit of a weird one to review, I find - there's often a degree of personal texture preference. Like I say, I am currently relatively line-free and so can't comment re: efficacy against visible lines, but as a "starter" eye cream this is a good, inexpensive option. Pop it in the fridge - it is a real treat for weary eyes at the end of the day.

My one gripe is the lid - look how teeny!! I have lost this on more than one occasion - it likes to live in the same place that all the world's hair grips and hair ties have taken up residence. A better lid please, Simple! 

All in all, a really nice, soothing range for irritated twenty-something skin. If you have super sensitive skin and need more information on ingredients, Simple's own website has a really good section of FAQ's - the link to this section is here

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  1. I've tried out one of their products and I really liked it. It was like a year or two ago! -Hanna Lei

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    1. They have lovely products in general, and at a decent price poin. Let me know if you try either of these out!


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