Friday, 22 April 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks - worth the hype?

Liquid lipsticks. The world has gone mad for all things matte in 2015/16. Dry-down formulas, no-transfer promises and lasting-until-kingdom-come. But after the freebies have been reviewed, and the hype has died down (a little) is the relative discomfort (and whacking great UK customs fee) worth it? 

Anastasia Beverly Hills was one of the main mega-brands to hit out with a big range of liquid lipsticks at the crest of the hype wave. With a huge (and ever-expanding) colour range of really flattering shades, you're sure to find something you want to try. In fact, if you use Instagram/watch anything on YouTube/are even remotely interested in makeup, you'll certainly have seen these coveted tubes being praised and promoted.

The liquid lipstick itself is a pleasant, creamy, almost mousse-like texture and is comfortable to apply - at $20 a pop, I should hope so. It also doesn't dry down in 0.0001 seconds, so you've got a bit of play-time if you are as generally awful at liquid lipstick application as I am. You can see in the swatches below on my sister's arm that there was time to swatch and set up the shot before they had dried fully:

above swatches - Lovely, Retro Coral, Sweet Talker, Vintage and Sad Girl 

Once these set, they are SET. Forever. Use a good oil based makeup remover (or just some jojoba oil) to remove this or you will take your lips off at the same time. I jest not one jot.

Honestly, the formula is variable - some of the lighter colours (Pure Hollywood, you. You are the culprit) have a tendency to crack, flake, and make the lips look fossilised. Nice. Others (Lovely and Sad Girl particularly) glide on, look fantastic, don't budge, and stay all day. Most will last through a coffee/non-greasy food, but if you're partial to a doughnut or six (guilty as charged), be prepared to reapply.

So... worth it? I think with the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks (as with any other liquid lipstick that I've tried so far) it's all a bit of a trade off. If you're happy to prep your lips well, don't mind a bit of dryness, and maybe only need 4 hours wear, you'll love these. After this point, it's Sahara-lips territory. If you're all about comfort over longevity-forget it. Save up those pennies for some Guerlain Gems and accept a little sheen in your life. 

You can order directly from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Bear in mind the international shipping fees and customs charge if you're UK based! 


  1. Have you ever tried the Sephora ones? Those are pretty comfy, in my opinion... And when you come to Italy, check out the Wycon ones, if you get a chance!

  2. Thanks Carolina! I'll be sure to pick a couple up in Italy!


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