Tuesday, 12 April 2016

An ode to Judith.

This blog is an ode to Judith.

We all know a Judith. You probably haven't even realised that you do, but you do. She influences a lot of your life, let me tell you.

 She is effortlessly fashionable. Achingly cool. She even looks boss in her PJ's sans makeup. She is bargain hunter extraordinaire, skin care guru, and don't even get me STARTED on those excellent brows. She's well travelled, and not afraid of going off-piste. She's obsessed with high street and high end alike. Her wardrobe? An unlikely melange of Céline to ASOS, and all of it works. She's as at home prowling the aisles in Boots as she is wandering through Selfridges.

I'm aiming to bring a little of my Judith to you, dear readers, through the medium of the internet. I hope she (and I) bring you much joy.


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